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For the record, Jeff Probst said pre-season that because Brandon “was so combustible,” “we all kind of thought, hmmm, not sure we should ever bring him back. And then a little time went by ... Even the host of the show got in on the showmances. Probst waited until after Vanuatu was filmed to reach out to Julie. They kept quiet about their relationship until the Vanuatu reunion. The couple was together for three years, splitting in 2008. Since, Probst married former model Lisa Ann Russell in 2011. Welcome to The Jeff Probst Show studios at Aol On. She Chose an Insane Asylum to Save Her Baby. When Julie Mannix von Zernick was 19, she had to decide between terminating her unborn child or ... Jeff Probst is an American Game show host and an executive producer. His net worth, as of now, is $40 million. He earns an annual salary of $4 million. He is married twice. After divorcing the first wife, Shelley Wright, he tied the knot with Lisa Ann Russell. His wife has two children from the previous relationship. 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst gushes about his relationship with 'Vanuatu' girlfriend Julie Berry. Jeff Probst might sometimes come across as a bit of terse bulldog during his Survivor appearances, but one thing is becoming clear -- the long-time Survivor host is a sappy puppy dog when it comes to love. Long-time Survivor host Jeff Probst has married his girlfriend Lisa Ann Russell. The 50-year-old TV star exchanged vows with the 40-year-old actress in an intimate ceremony on Monday. 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst met Julie Berry when she competed on 'Survivor: Vanuatu' in 2004. The couple seemed to be going strong, but Probst told the Philippine Daily Inquirer last week that he ... About. Jeff Probst is a 58 year old American Game Show Host. Born Jeffrey Lee Probst on 4th November, 1961 in Wichita, Kansas, USA, he is famous for Survivor. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. Jeff Probst is a member of the following lists: Emmy Award winners, 1962 births and 1961 births.. Contribute The only thing having a tougher time than Keith was Jeff Probst’s voice, which sounded hoarse and in serious need of rest. And yet we all know what the host did… HE DUG DEEP! Jeff Probst hosts Survivor, but he's also a family man who's been married to wife Lisa Ann Russell since 2011. They've built a blended family with her ex-husband and two kids.

Endgame - #13

2017.02.03 16:10 sanatomy Endgame - #13

13. Natalie Anderson (Winner, SJDS)
If you look at the SJDS endgame as beginning with the elimination of Alec Christy, everyone in the endgame had spent considerable time in game with their pregame partner. Except Natalie. Natalie who had lived her life in a pair. Natalie who was cast in a pair, both on Amazing Race and here in San Juan del Sur. Natalie who watches her twinnie get voted out first. Natalie is left on her own for seemingly the first time in her life. She strives on, navigates through the remaining pairs and comes out on top. Her story arc can appear to be focused too heavily on game moves but I see it as someone who has never been alone, never been without a trusted partner, finding her way on her own and becoming stronger for it. Phenomenal story.
Really good character. I didn't love the Twinnies on Amazing Race, but really did like Natalie on SJDS, on her revenge storyline.
I wouldn’t have her anywhere near my own personal endgame obviously but there’s a reason she made it this high without controversy. She manages to blend old-school appeal with her doing it for Nadiya and revenge story for Jeremy with new-school appeal with her #blindsides and #bigmoves. And a very distinct and enjoyable personality to boot. Even the biggest SJDS haters on the planet can’t say anything bad about her.
I was very shocked by one half of SJDS' Twinnie sandwich, not so much the other. She was able to retain her AR obnoxious spunk, while revealing to the audience a very subtle and sneaky side no one knew. Respect.
She may be a little bit outclassed in this endgame, but Natalie is still an excellent character that brings some much-needed personality to the Big Moves movement. She’s stylish as fuck and brings a lot of entertainment to SJDS’s thoroughly thrilling post-merge/endgame.
I don't care what anybody else thinks: Natalie Anderson is probably my favourite person to ever play Survivor. This woman is a badass motherfucker, excuse my French. I'm not big into swearing, but considering that every third word that Nat Anderson spoke was bleeped out, dropping the f-bomb felt appropriate. Watching Nat barrel through SJDS like a battle tank was a dream come true. Although Parvati and Kim Spradlin both brought the Femme Fatale to life through their portrayals of the Black Widow and the Dominator, Nat combined the best parts of those two women to become the Avenger. And we all watched in awe.
Firstly, Nat as a character is exceptional. This woman took names, swore like a salty sailor, kicked butt in challenges, and drenched herself in blood. She didn't tolerate bullshit, and her entire Survivor journey comprised of her swearing revenge for Nadiya and Jeremy... before she carefully and meticulously enacted the said revenge on all of her unsuspecting victims. Although Nat was quiet in the premiere and was only given screentime when she and Nadiya were together on Day 0, Nat quickly emerged as a legitimate presence in the second episode, when she wept over Nadiya's axing and swore revenge for Nadiya.
This last point is crucial, because the primary story of SJDS is driven by Jaclyn's terrorism and Nat's simmering lust for revenge. She quickly adopts Jeremy as her surrogate Twinnie, and Natalie manages to puppeteer Hunahpu to such a point that although Jeremy is the central ringleader, Natalie has the free rein to jab lazy, sleepy tribemates with palm fronds (lol, Drew Christy) and then unleash fresh hell onto Coyopa, which she hates with a burning passion. The fact that "WHY DON'T YOU SAY RACIST AND HOMOPHOBIC THINGS LIKE IN YOUR PAST?!" is a winner's quote included in the actual winner's package astonishes me, because Nat is such a sprawling ball of delicious complexity and contradictions.
Of course, Coyopa bizarrely listens to Nat's smackdown of Rocker because Nat had the entirety of Hunahpu vocally supporting her. Even more bizarrely, Nat was... never targeted despite her status as an aggressive, strategic, and outspoken leader of Hunahpu. Credit to Natalie's social game, because she worked like a horse around camp and set up Designated Twinnie Jeremy as her meat-shield. The deft way that she casually lied to Missy during the Drew Christy boot that Drew was overtly targeting Missy was suave. The boggling fact that she was the only woman included in the guys' discussions about "swooping off the girls" attests to her likeability. The shocking manner by which Nat and her coven of women managed to coerce Jeremy and then swooped Drew into the neverland? She's... good at this game.
Even better, Natalie differs from a Kim Spradlin, a Denise Stapley, a JT Thomas, or even a Tom Westman by shimmering with her irrepressible personality. Unlike the other strategy kingpins who tried to be quiet people, Nat Anderson opted for a less trodden path and remained vocal. During her strategy sessions with her allies, Nat would usually compliment her allies on something ("Baylor, your hair looks great today"//"Jon, I totally love talking about wine") before going on blast about Nat's intentions for the upcoming vote ("Drew, TODAY"). Although Nat was likeable and suave, she has that Sandra-esque quality and couldn't hide her outspoken personality, which makes it even more astounding that she was such a good actress around Jonclyn and Missy. I'm all for the softer Denises and Kims, but Nat's baffling mix of bluntness and sneakiness is only equalled by Sandra.
The only time that Nat was held out of the loop, much like Sandra during PI, was when her Surrogate Twinnie was blindsided. The Jeremy blindside ignites Nat's fiery passion for revenge, however, and to Nat's credit, she somehow hides her revenge and decides against flipping against Jon. "Revenge is best served cold" was a great quote, and watching Nat's anger grow and grow was great television. Instead of lashing out, Natalie reeled in Baylor and turned her against Missy and Jon, as though Nat were the badass cousin sneaking the underage Baylor beers at Missy's porch. Bossing Baylor around, she found the idol, and she then stomped up to a clueless Keith and recruited him wearing an evil smirk that could match Erinn Lobdell's.
The parallels and the revenge quest were just... amazing.
Yes, Nat Anderson had a CPP4 stretch at the end, but even that isn't a bad thing for Nat. Although a game-centric edit like that could backfire, Natalie's personality is so forceful that she not only shines through that edit but also utilises it to further deliver great television. Nat Anderson is too... Nat be a gamebot. From calling her idol the REPLACEMENT TWINNIE to stomping up to Keith and announcing that "I'M GONNA KEEP YOU IN THIS GAME >:D", Natalie injected personality into every single strategy-centric move that she did. The scene where she programs a doddering Keith what to say at Tribal much better than Reed? How about the ruthless fact that Nat Anderson commands Jon to play his idol and then spends the entirety of the next episode swearing vengeance on Jonclyn? Not to mention, a healthy third of her words were censored.
Natalie accidentally spits on herself, calls people 'FOOOLS', and is forceful/likeable enough to order a slice of pizza, a beer, two wings, a bowl of salad, and one cookie from Jeff Probst as if he were a waiter. Further reinforcing that she is far from a gamebot, Nat Anderson volunteers to share a reward with her mortal nemeses Jonclyn in order to gain their trust. There, she spends a hellish night in bed with them, listening to Jon rambling about wine and singing Disney carols. Ordinarily, a goofy man like Jon Misch would inspire laughs, but Nat's palpable irritation during confessional creates a fantastic juxtaposition which is just lulzy. She is NOT happy. That whole scene in the bed is gold, because Nat twitches at certain points and then later whispers to Baylor that she "literally slept with the enemy."
The fact that this woman flips back and forth between alliances without ever being targeted, idols Baylor out with the idol that Baylor helped find, corrals a loose alliance of women who hate each other (Kelley/Missy/Julie, then later Missy/BayloJaclyn), and somehow masterminds an all-woman F3 in the season with the most skewed gender ratio is something short of extraordinary. Her touching relationship with Nadiya & later Jeremy and wanting to achieve JUSTICE for Nadiya & Jeremy was great television. I didn't expect to find such a shining gem to the Pantheons of Greats this late in the Survivor canon, but hey, the show finally casts people from South-East Asia, and Natalie Anderson exceeds expectations.
To quote Josh Wigler, Natalie Anderson and her dynamic gameplay is just... hot.
Here are some fun facts, which should illustrate why Natalie deserves to be in the Top 10 of any winner list:
  • Responsible for 3 out of 3 successful idol plays on SJDS (which is approximately 25% of successful idol plays in survivor history)
  • Never needed to play an Idol on herself
  • Never received a vote against her, not even when Jeremy had immunity and she was the obvious next-in-line after Jeremy
  • Voted "accidentally" for Alec and deflects blame by pretending to cry
  • Masterminded a rare 2-2-2 vote-split to flush out an idol
  • Volunteered for Exile with Baylor to not only spare an ally from quitting in the rain (Julie) but also to solidify a potential ally (Baylor)
  • Only voted for men until no more men were available (F5)
  • Won 2 Individual Challenges
  • Employed a Meat-Shield Strategy which later inspired Jeremy's Cambodia game
  • Would have played a Perfect Game (gotten all the votes at the FTC) in a non-BvW format and if Reed didn't have an axe to grind with Missy
  • Meta Reason: 1st CBS Crossover person to win a show on a crossover despite being portrayed as a reviled helldemon on TAR, basically having the Jerri Manthey Redemption Arc condensed into two years
  • Corralled an all-girl alliance on a gender-imbalanced season; only the 3rd winner to successfully take women to the end (Parvati Shallow, Kim Spradlin)
  • Shut down Probst's BIG MOVEZ narrative at the reunion by telling Probst "naw, I was just mad" when Probst asks whether Natalie was being strategic in calling out Rocker
  • 1st Asian woman to win Survivor, 2nd Asian (after Yul) to win Survivor, and 3rd Woman-of-Colour to win Survivor
  • Unites both the "SJW Feminazis of Sucks" and the "Sexist Misogynists of Reddit"
If Nadiya Anderson was Elia Martell in her early fall, then Natalie Anderson is Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire. I told repo_sado this story many moons ago, but part of the reason why I appreciate the Twinnie Bookends is because, through pure serendipity and dumb luck with an assistance from Jaclyn Schultz who is my #5 Survivor of all time and yes, I get that I shouldn't like my Sophies and Jaclyns more than my Richards and Twilas but I'm human and genuinely have Christa Hastie above Randy, so y'all shouldn't be surprised by the unorthodoxy of my opinions, SJDS got a complete story. During the premerge, SJDS seemed dire, with a bunch of lacklustre men led by a rather boring gamebot marching to the end by knocking out all the interesting women. Think MvsGX but far worse. Nadiya's early boot signifies this slaughter of interesting characters and specifically interesting women in the premerge.
Then... revenge festered like a wound. Like Oberyn, Natalie had to watch her beloved sister get slaughtered. In Episode 2 alone, Natalie the tough girl wept tears of anger and grief, showing emotion which she did not wish to display to her tribemates. "I didn't want to seem weak," muttered Natalie in Missy's arms. "I didn't want to cry." This girl had spent every single hour of her twenty-plus years with her sister, however, and now, Natalie was all alone. Twice, Natalie cried on SJDS: once in Episode 2 and again on Exile, when she poignantly makes the fire and weeps that this stretch was the longest that she had gone without Nadiya.
Other castaways had quit for less, as seen by Julie McGee. Instead of breaking down, Natalie waits for the right moment. And slowly, she exacts her revenge. She calls out Rocker, igniting the Rocker Boot. She wheedles next to Baylor and Jaclyn about the "boys' bad behaviour", even though Nat herself privately agreed that Baylor and Jaclyn were being lazy, igniting the Josh Boot. When Jeremy gets blindsided, Natalie adds even more names to her Arya-esque Kill List. And each time that she attends Tribal, Natalie takes her time to sink the knife slower and deeper. Jon Misch is her name to kill, not Reed's. The Mountain that Rides cannot be slain but a non-Martell. No, Natalie must be Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. Hence, she waited and ensured that Natalie, and only Natalie, could have the satisfaction of every single kill from the F9 onwards. Like Oberyn, Natalie smiled, charmed her opponents, and even befriended members of that Lannister-esque Coyopa cabal to recruit numbers, presiding as a judge as she needed to be. And then... she struck, one at a time.
Through pure luck, SJDS had a complete story: Natalie Anderson took the potential trainwreck of the premerge and gave it meaning by tying it directly into her actions in the postmerge. She, and Nadiya's early boot, gave the season much needed symmetry.
Barring Dale, every person who wrote down Nadiya's name, Natalie snuffed out in some way. Josh, Alec, Rocker, Wes, and Baylor. Every person who wrote down Jeremy's name, Natalie snuffed out or betrayed in a large way. Jon, Jaclyn, Keith, Reed, and Missy. And like Oberyn, Natalie ensured that she had the blood-embracing joy of claiming the kill.
[Her voting confessional for Jon] "This is payback for Jeremy. Hope you like it."
People like Natalie for the same reasons why they like Oberyn: a likeable, roguish badass whose main motivation is vengeance started by the loss of a beloved sister. Other revenge stories in Survivor have had some flaws. Although I love Sandra, I couldn't quite get behind her in the same way that I got behind Natalie... because Sandra kept Russell the Dragon and never voted him out. Although I like Chris, I couldn't quite get behind him either in the same way... because Chris's motivations never resonated in the same emotional ways that Natalie's love for her twin sister did. Natalie Anderson took the revenge stories of Sandra and Chris, and then perfected them. She had the deep, emotional bonds and the deep satisfaction of collecting all the names on her hit-list. After all:
Because if Nadiya is out first, Natalie will be damned if Natalie isn't the last person remaining. After all, valar morghulis: all Coyopa men must die. And Nadiya will be damned if Natalie doesn't go far in this Rankdown.
Natalie Anderson is and always will be my number one favourite person. She is the trifecta blend of strategy, emotion, and story, and honestly, I look forward to the day that casuals pass her Parvati's crown as being the "all-round queen" (whatever that means) because as much as I love Parvati and have her in my Top 10, Natalie Anderson is objectively a far better player and character than Parvati is. Sunspear is unbent, and through Natalie, we got a complete story in SJDS which united the otherwise disparate premerge and postmerge. Maybe in future rankdowns, once those future rankers are able to divorce Natalie's high placement from the "OFR Effect" on SR3, would appreciate Natalie's VORP and merits enough to grant her endgame again.
Because really, Nat Anderson is... a badass. Imagine SJDS with Fan-Fave Sierra Dawn Thomas instead of Nat, and you get my point about VORP and the strength of Natalie as a strategist and a story-driving character. Other than Jaclyn Schultz, nobody other than Nat Anderson is the antithesis of the Ashby Line: the foul-mouthed Sri Lankan added to every single scene, whether she was sleeping in bed with her Jonclyn enemies or whether she was smirking next to Keith Nale, and she helped make other characters such as Baylor Wilson and Missy Payne... better. Baylor became a better character because Nat sparked her "rebellion against Mother Dearest" story. Keith became a better character because Nat saved him through the F6/F7 and thereby allowed us to see the Full Nale -- without Natalie, Keith would've never made it to the Spa Visit and may have been more forgettable. Jon Misch became a better character because Nat somehow made "drinking wine for sick dad" seem like a villainous trait and produced one of the more WTF one-sided rivalries in Survivor history.
Nat had Sandra's revenge story. Nat had Kim's admirable gameplay. Nat had Colby's ability to make other people around her better characters. Nat had Parvati's charm. Nat had Tony's dynamic, WTF moments such as her whole response at the F9 Immunity Challenge ("Jeff, I'd like some hot wings too").
Sure, Nat wasn't necessarily better than Kim, or Colby or Parvati or Tony. Some of you may even prefer Sandra's story. However, Natalie amalgamated and combined all of those traits as a brilliant all-rounder. She is a fantastic mix of all of those things, which explains why she is one of the least objectionable Survivor characters/players ever: I have very rarely seen Twitter, Tumblr, FB, Reddit, Sucks, and 4chan all agree on something, and yet they all seem in generally like Natalie. Sure, she may not be everybody's No 1, but by God, even "legends" like Sandra get hate on FB and "casual legends" like Spencer get hate on Sucks, and "Sucks Faves" like Jaclyn aren't beloved on Reddit. Natalie, though? Nobody seems to hate her. And that's because Natalie is a great all-rounder who combines many wonderful traits from many other legends.
Call her a "Jack of All Trades, Master of None"... but Natalie's ability to strike so many different chords and so many different roles justifies to me why people such as myself and wilseamon think Natalie should be in Endgame Contention for SR4, SR5, or whatever. Like Oberyn, Natalie is one of my favourite characters in any franchise, and I'm honestly surprised that somebody whom I loathed on TAR turned out to be a pleasant surprise on what should have been trainwreck season (seriously, 10 men vs 8 women + Exile + BvW should've been a recipe for disaster).
Predicted Placement: 11th Prediction Average: 10.233 Average Ranking: 10.667
repo_sado: 10 jlim201: 12 oddfictionrambles: 1 jacare37: 14 funsized725: 13 ramskick: 14
Rankdown I: N/A Rankdown II: 39
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According to host Jeff Probst, the cast was assembled to equally represent winners from the earlier seasons, the middle, and the more recent seasons.[6] The past winners who did not make the cast ... After winning Big Brother a few years back, Hayden Moss suddenly found himself in the Philippines competing on Survivor: Blood Vs. Water with his girlfriend, Kat Edorsson. While he was a strong ... According to host Jeff Probst, the cast was assembled to equally represent winners from the earlier seasons, the middle, and the more recent seasons.[6] The past winners who did not make the cast ... Early drama revolved around inflammatory former baseball player John Rocker and his girlfriend Julie McGee. ... Jeff Probst initially stated that Redemption Island was slated to be in play ... Jeff Probst Reveals What He Packs to Film ‘Survivor’ in the Jungle - Duration: 2:52. Rachael Ray Show 20,801 views. 2:52. Exclusive: Jeff Probst Reveals the Truth Behind 'Survivor' Medical ... Remember When Jeff Probst Dated Survivor Contestant Julie Berry?. Throughout Survivor's 38 seasons, Jeff Probst has been a constant guiding presence for both the show's contestants and the viewers. A 10 year-old autistic and blind boy singing. His voice shocked everyone. - Duration: 6:22. All Around Recommended for you Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.