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Harry Styles Drag Race - Episode 2

2020.08.29 22:34 WatchoutforaSerena Harry Styles Drag Race - Episode 2

Episode 2 - Hunty Henny
Previously on Harry Styles' Drag Race: Nightcore, CAMP! Italian? Middle finger. Weird. Squee! That's hot. Cookies? Flashmob. Nique ta mère. Vadias. Well hum...
The Queens come back to the Werk Room.
(Confessional) Granny: Nu'Dolls just got eliminated and quite frankly, this fat whore had it coming. (Confessional)
The mirror is shattered while Camp is written various times in blood on it.
Serena: Who the hell is gonna clean this mess?
TAK: Well you and Samba could clean it?
Serena: Wow wow wow, why, 'cause we're Latinos?
Samba: Sua prostituta de merda, vou enfiar você no reto do seu avô.
Carly: Hold on, perhaps she didn't mean it in a racist way.
TAK: No, I totally meant it in a racist way.
Serena grabs a shard of glass.
Serena: I'm gonna give you some contouring bitch!
California: That's hot.
Samba: Mate aquele idiota com cara de cabra.
(Confessional) Alexa: I'm scared right now, because Trixie is racist and so the audience will obviously relate to her.
Siri: Which increases her chances her winning by like 200 percent. Just like the winner of season four. (Confessional)
Yuhua: Narrates. The winner of Harry Styles Drag Race will earn a role in the next movie adapted from a crappy Harry Styles fanfic and a year-worth of One Direction goodies!
The Queens gather in their boy looks the next day.
Granny: Well ladies, I hope the tensions of yesterday are over.
TAK: I just said that white people are superior and that any other race is a monstrosity.
Granny: Sweetheart, can I give you a piece of advice?
TAK: Yeah.
Granny: Shut the fuck up.
Dora is crying.
Carly: Dora, is everything okay?
Dora: I-I... I disappointed Harry Styles and it's destroying me.
California: That's hot.
Carly hugs Dora.
Carly: How it's gonna be okay, just believe in yourself.
Nyxtamore: Aww, it's nice to see two bottoms hugging each other.
Tammie: Well, hello ladies. You survived the shitshow of yesterday. Today the mini-challenge is gonna be Stacey Layne Matthews.
Serena: Stacey Layne Matthews?
Tammie: Condragulations Serena, you're the winner of the mini-challenge!
Serena: Oh wow.
Tammie: Your prize is to be declared the official winner of Rupaul's Drag Race season four since its winner is a bigoted turd.
Music plays and balloons fall from the ceiling as Serena is crowned.
Tammie: For this episode, the maxi-challenge is gonna be outside. We know how hard it is to promote and find fans. So we decided to help you. Oh, fur crew!
Furries bring a table with weapons all over it.
Tammie: For the maxi-challenge, you'll have to hunt down some fans and force them into following you on your social media and buy your awful music on Itunes. And all of this in Drag of course! Well, good luck ladies, and remember, an early donkey is always better than a late horse.
The Queens walk in the streets with video game-like weapons in their hands. Nyxtamore has a giant scythe, which she uses to slash the manbun of someone.
Nyxtamore: Follow me on Instagram or die by my hand, mortal.
Meanwhile, in a dark alley, Granny Fierceness talks with young people in the park.
Granny: Tell me, young fellow, do you happen to have Myspace?
Young man: Oh no, sorry.
Granny Fierceness points a dildo crossbow at them.
Granny: Then download it right now.
(Confessional) Alexa: I and my sister are Instagram Queens.
Siri: So we just had to tell our followers to unfollow us then refollow us. (Confessional)
At the library, Carly is here.
Carly: Ex-excuse me?
People shushes her.
Carly: Oh, sorry...
In another street, Trixie Alaska Katya looks around.
(Confessional) TAK: There's a very easy way of differentiating a regular person from a Drag Race fan. (Confessional)
She sees a member of the KKK.
TAK: Gotcha.
Nearby Dora is talking to some girls.
Dora: Hey, do you happen to like Harry Styles?
Girls: Harry Styles?
They all squee.
Meanwhile, Samba and California are at the supermarket.
Cashier: Hmm, Ma'aams, what do you want.
Samba: Olá, você poderia me seguir no Pornhub?
California: That's hot.
Finally Beatrix dancing naked on a car.
Beatrix: Follow me on Twitter, I'm so weird!
The Queens come back at the studio. Then Harry Styles step on the runway again.
Harry: Tonight, the theme of the runway is Night of 1000 Karens. Tammie Brown, are you a Karen?
Tammie: My name's Tammie.
Harry: Okayyy. Yuhua, have you ever met a Karen?
Yuhua: Once, she was six feet tall and her name had Paul in it.
Harry: Wow, that's shade toward Paul McCartney! Well, let's the Queens walk their walk!
The runway starts.
Beatrix: Tonight on the runway I am dressed up as Karen from Spongebob. I'm totally out of the box even though I'm in one right, that's so weird!
Nyxtamore: What's best to represent the theme than coming up as the OG Karen? Michelle Visage.
Granny: My idea for the Karen look is that my Karen is coming at her so-called friend's funeral and laughing all the way. Even at the cemetery, she's calling the manager.
Alexa: Our Karens are of course two sisters who gossip and spread rumors about their neighbors.
Siri: While one call the manager, the other call the police.
California: That's hot.
Trixie: Well it was hard for me because I couldn't think of a Drag look. So I decided to show up dressed as Trixie Mattel!
Dora: I am dressed as Anna Todd.
Carly: I'm not sure about my look, I think it's supposed to be a young Karen.
Samba: Eu sou Carmen se ela fosse uma Karen. Estou pronto para ligar para o gerente da corrida, porque quero sentar na primeira fila!
Serena: When I heard Karen, my first thought was to dress up as Detox, but older.
The Queens line up on the runway.
Harry: Serena Cha Cha. Samba Mabelz. Nyxtamore. Carly Rae Muckduck. Alexa and Siri Grady. Trixie Alaska Katya. Tonight, you girls represent the tops and bottoms.
Yuhua: The rest of you can get the fuck off.
Harry: So, first up, Trixie Alaska Katya.
Yuhua: If I'm looking at your social media... Well, there's nothing to look at, it got deleted.
Trixie: What?
Yuhua: Now for your look, I wouldn't call Trixie Mattel a Karen, she has too much makeup to be one.
Harry: Next up. Samba Mabelz.
Tammie: You know Samba, it's not about speaking English, it's about speaking the language of the heart. Sometimes to say, bitch follow me on Twitter.
Yuhua: And for the look, I'm not getting Karen. Plus, I'm scared that you will use the Latino card too much on the runway.
Harry: Alexa and Siri Grady. You two have so many follow on Instagram! Too bad you already had them before the challenge.
Tammie: It's like bitting an apple that another person had already tasted. You see? Or fucking a man who already has semen inside his hole.
Harry: Next up, Nyxtamore.
Yuhua: I feel like you have so much charisma, and tonight you used it well!
Harry: Carly Rae Muckduck.
Yuhua: Bitch, did you even try? And what's that look? I don't read Karen.
Tammie: You don't need to dress like a Karen to be one, it's all about believing to be one.
Yuhua: But-
Tammie: Yuyu, don't you see it in her eyes? She's a Karen.
Yuhua: What tells you she's not a Becky instead?
Tammie: Well... oh. Yeah, I agree.
Harry: Finally, Serena Cha Cha! Condragulation Serena Cha Cha, you're the winner of this week's Challenge.
Music plays as balloons fall from the ceiling and Serena is crowned.
Tammie: You won the cash prize of month-supply tokens from Chuck E. Cheese.
Harry: Nyxtamore and the Gradys, you're safe.
Yuhua: Carly Rae Muckduck. You got the makeup of a twink and as expected, you're again on the bottom. Samba Mabelz, you're under the risk of being the Serena Cha Cha of the season.
Tammie: Trixie Alaska Katya, go frack yourself.
Harry: Samba Mabelz, you're safe... Carly, Trixie, I'm sorry but you two are up for elimination.
Yuhua: Tonight you two are tasked to lipsync to Not Evil from Lego Movie 2.
TAK: What? I thought it was supposed to be Gotham City Guys?
Yuhua: No, can't you hear what I just said?
Carly smiles.
Tammie: Good luck and remember, palm oil is for motherfuckers.
Carly reveals a demonic Karen look under her teenage one. Her eyes turn red and she spits fire all over the stage. Meanwhile, Trixie Alaska Katya lipsyncs like Trixie.
Harry: Well... Carly Rae Muckduck, shantay you stay. Trixie Alaska Katya, sashay away.
The latter runs away from the stage in tears.
(Confessional) TAK: I just don't understand what happened! (Confessional)
(Confessional) Carly: I may have lost time at the library. I was too busy hacking Trixie's accounts... Bwahahahahaha! (Confessional)
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2020.06.15 07:29 Letmf2 [The Crimson Moolight] Chapter 2

This is as far as I went writing this in the past. I hope you guys like it and please don't hesitate to give feedback.
Chapter 1

It was almost 8 pm and she was still dressing up, Alice didn't want to be late for her own party, which would start in about two hours. Her mother entered the room while she rummaged through the jewelry box, with more costume jewelry than else. "How come didn't I remember to buy something new?"
Her mother, Mariana, entered the room and with an emotional look said:
- You look so beautiful. Your dad and I are so proud of you. - Alice turned to her while trying on a faux golden necklace that matched her golden shoes. - All those years ago, when I saw your pinky face and fire-colored hair, I knew how brilliant you were going to be. Even though this isn’t the date that you came to this world, it was the day that you entered our lives for good, and for this, it will always be special. - During her heartfelt speech she put a rectangular velvet box in Alice’s hand, closing her fingers around it. Mariana left the room without saying anything else.
This may be a little confusing. See, Alice was adopted when she was around a year old. There were no trace of her parents and no record of her date of birth, so her parents registered her with the adoption date, her first day as their daughter. From a very young age she suspected that she was not their biological daughter, as her parents and their relatives had dark hair.
Her suspicions were confirmed at the age of ten, after an initial shock and a small identity crisis, as much as a loved ten year old can have, she realized that her genes didn’t affect their relationship at all, and they made sure she wouldn’t feel any different knowing this information. Still, she wanted to know more about the people who brought her into this world, if not for curiosity, but for a medical history. The only traces of her bio family were the hand-sewn baby clothes she was found in and a linen blanket.
She opened the box and it contained a beautiful set of a necklace and earrings, composed of tiny emeralds- they were so perfect that if she didn’t know better, she would think they were real-, that matched her outfit and red hair perfectly. She got ready and went downstairs to the living room of the apartment. Her parents looked so proud that she felt very grateful to be a part of their lives, but she also felt a lump in her throat, after all, she wasn’t perfect.
- Mom. Dad. I really don't know what to say, the jewelry is perfect. They were exactly what I needed to complete my outfit, and they look so realistic.
- They aren’t false darling - her father said, much to Alice’s surprise “they must be incredibly more expensive than several trips to France”.
- Sit here for a while. - Her mother sat on the big sofa, next to her father, and waved at the opposite armchair for her to sit down.
- These have waiting for you for many years, and we couldn’t think of a more special occasion that you turning 18 to give them to you. – Her mother started explaining -They were in the basket that you were found in as a baby. We only have them now because they didn’t think an abandoned child, with worn clothes, could possibly have anything of value with them. But they were very wrong. Your father was impressed with their beauty and asked for a jeweler to look at them. They are quite valuable. - Alice listened carefully, her curiosity about her origins emerging once again.
Moving uncomfortably in the chair, her father said:
- They are rightfully yours, I don't know how could someone just left them with a baby, so irresponsibly, imagine if the people who found and cared for you ever considered past the front and stole them? They shouldn’t have... – His voice tapered away as his wife interrupted him.
- No matter the past pumpkin, take care of them, they jewels are your bitrth inheritance. I don’t even think you should go with them to the party, we know you, young things, can be careless. - Alice reflected, but the thought of taking them off felt like she’d be bare naked. She cleared her throat before replying.
- Entendo a decisão de vocês de guardar isso até agora, mas gostaria que tivessem me contado antes... – respira fundo e engole as dúvidas e reclamações que queria dizer. - Irei com elas pra festa, mas prometo ter cuidado.
- I understand your decision to keep this from me this until now, but you should have told me before, I would have been careful... - she took a deep breath and swallowed hers doubts and complaints -, the same way I’ll be now. I promise to be careful at the party.
They journey to the country house was silent, her parents worried about their decisions and Alice distracted by the same thoughts she had a million times before, with new questions added. She was left at the main gate and walked to the house, fifty meters ahead. Her reflections were put on a pause - not that she would reach any conclusion - to focus in the party. Her friends had already prepared the snacks: pâtés, toast, bread, ham, salami, olives, cheese, cakes, even a bowl of guacamole, with plenty stored in the fridge to refill. Beverages were in the freezer, even some juice for the faint of heart -that’d usually be Alice.
Everyone looked at her in surprise, Luke kept his mouth open for a few seconds, Monique and Kate smiled, impressed with the change, as Alice usually wore jeans and all-stars. Louise looked at her with a suggestive face, with an eyebrow raised and Kyle was entering the room at the same time through the side door and dropped the bowl of doritos which he was holding, promptly slapped by Monique, and said:
- Wow, a princess has arrived and replaced our Alice. No, no, better yet, a goddess is shining upon us mortals. - Despite the underlying sarcastic tone, Kyle was really awestruck. The girls made silly jokes, but also praised her. She felt a mixture of shame and satisfaction.
Soon after the guests began to arrive, mostly 17-22 year olds. The gate was left open and Alice went to the door to talk with some of them, most of whom brought unexpected guests. After a while she figured the newcomers would find her themselves and she went outside to talk, listen to music and have fun.
A forested area of a few squared kilometers surrounded the house, with high walls around it, so it was quite safe. Sheila e Carlos, the twins’ parents, had inherited the country from their wealthy grandma and had a good income as lawyers that allowed them to maintain it. The kids often visited it with their friends, specially at the weekends and their parents allowed the party to happen there, so long as the house would be shining clean the day after and undamaged.
There was a grassy area around the house. The backyard had a garden with raw wooden benches and bamboo pergolas supporting all types of vines with flowers of different colors and passion fruit trees, which gave an ethereal, mystical air to the place, specially at night. Now it was full of flashing lights.
The left side comprised the pool area, composed of a huge pool, with intricate patterns drawn in the bottom in shades of blue, and lights coming out of the corners, illuminating the area. Several beach chairs were occupied by people drinking and some making out. In the opposite side of the house, the right side, a cemented area had a barbecue grill which was lit and a nice smell of roast meat filled the place.
The guests had access to the interior of the house and the three settings. From the number of unknown and little known faces, it was clear to Alice that a bunch of uninvited guests showed up, but the was so pleased she couldn’t care at the moment. Going up the stairs, which had mostly locked rooms, she bumped into a boy she recognized, but had never talked to. He looked at her:
- Oh, sorry. Hey. Happy birthday Alice. He leaned down and kissed her cheek, which made her slightly red. They talked for a while and, though he seemed nice, she dodged him to find her friends.
Gathered in the room Alice planned to sleep later, they looked at Louise which distributed five small squared of ‘paper’ among them. Monique got the Caterpillar and promptly complained that she wanted something less disgusting, to which Louise rolled her eyes, took it back and gave her the White Rabbit instead. Louise gave the Queen of Hearts to Kate and the Mad Hatter for Kyle, the Cheshire cat she got for herself. Alice, of course, was given Alice. Luke was offered the Knave of Hearts, but refused, as they all expected. He was curious where this was going, but afraid of the result.
They went back down and nothing seemed to change. All of sudden, Alice felt something different, it was if the noise of the electronic music it was playing became very distant, and the lights from the light globe in the ceiling had occupied her whole vision. It was a funny feeling, and her friends seemed to be in a similar place. Alice danced and danced. The guy she had met before in the stairs was next to her and she kissed him.
It was a most peculiar kiss. She closed her eyes but the lights didn’t go away. It was if all of her body was shrinking and stretching, repeatedly, weird but pleasant. As he pulled back to breath, Alice felt dizzy and decided to go sit on a bench in the garden. She didn’t wait for the boy to follow her.
After swinging in a hanging wooden bench for a while, which had some vines intertwined, it started to feel oddly familiar and distant at the same time, which she thought was stupid as she sat there frequently. To shake it off, she stood up and pulled someone who was on her side, without even looking at who, to the improvised dance floor to dance at pop music that was playing in that area. She enjoyed the sensation of the music almost disappearing in an instant and then exploding in his ears as if she was beside huge speakers.
After a while, she started to think there was whispers in the music, but they were not discernible. It was a bit scaring, so she went to the pool to try and find the girls to talk about the boy she kissed earlier. She found Luke instead.
- Are you okay?
- What?
- Are you okay? - He repeated louder, even though it appeared to be more distant.
- Yes, yes, I'll just rest for a while, there, in the pool. - She didn't look so good to him, and he went with her. Looking up for five hallucinating people was not easy. He felt responsible for the others, even though he was against the experience in the first place. Monique was already laid on her bed after being sick from mixing alcohol with drugs. They sat on an empty beach chair.
- You know, I'm feeling ... - she started to say, but stopped to lie on his lap. - ... strange today, as if some things had new but old meanings they had never had before.
He started stroking her hair, saying how this was normal because of anxieties for the birthday party and coming of age (also the illicit substances, but he left that part aside).
- Não, não é isso, agorinha mesmo eu tava no banco das vinhas e elas pareceram tão distantes, como se eu me lembrasse delas de uma outra forma... Isso é estúpido. – Ela se levantou de supetão, e diante de protestos, foi em direção ao outro lado da casa. Ele a estava seguindo, quando viu seu irmão quase agarrando uma menina ridícula de sua turma, então foi ajudá-lo e perdeu ela de vista.
- No, that's not it, just now I was on the garden bench and it seemed so far away, as if I remembered them in another way... That's stupid. - She got up suddenly, and in the face of protests, went towards the other side of the house. He was following her, when he saw his brother almost kissing a ridiculous girl from his class, so he went to help him out and lost sight of her.
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