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2020.11.27 19:32 Milkyway_Shepherd Anyway..., How do you gonna sell FNaF movie (Scott)?

Sup' guys.
This will be a very long post.TL;DR Mostly about me rambling the marketing predictions for the upcoming FNaF movie. (I'm not associated with both Scott and Blumhouse). This post maybe too early, or a bit overreacting, but one day, I know it will also become people concern.
p.s. : in the small chances if Scott read this, I'm not intended on weighing you with my thought at all, lol. Maybe I shouldn't write this but you know, I can't sleep before I spit this out. Good luck with all of your projects Scott!
My concern about the movie are basically something like these : 1. What kind of story the movie will tell? 2. Will the movie be good? 3. When will it comes out? 4. Will it get great success at revenue?
I always have these thoughts in the back of my mind since years, and it just growing stronger after Scott finally announced the Screenplay is done and filming will started Spring.
That means we can expect at least few Casting Announcement at winter.
For the content of the movie itself I've no doubt and fully trust both Scott and Blumhouse. I've no power anyway, to do anything about the content. Scott promises to be involved since day one, and he proving his words so far. Jason Blum also inform us that the movie is one of their priorities. So I think the movie have the quality control and check it's needed.
So the first 3 concern was out. But the fourth one still stick with me. Since successful revenue not only caused by good story. But rather, there's a bigger factor that plays.
Marketing & Advertisement. (Also audience reception, but that's for another story)
I've seen some cases of movies in general that actually good, but underrated because they bombed at Box Office.
One that I remember personally was Scott Pilgrim vs the World. (Check it out! If you mature enough tho)
This is also the case with some video game movies, hence why they're very few to be adapted (Because they don't return the budget). Last Year IGN already compiled good reasoning on why Video Game Movies Fail.
I could see that Blumhouse would provide justice to FNaF adaptation. Again, Scott is trying his best in quality control. Filming and producing definitely his big priority. But, do marketing also his priority? I can't guarantee FNaF can make big revenues or having the attention it deserve.
You see, here's the thing I've observed about FNaF.
I think we can all agree that in the past, and even still happening right now that FNaF heavily relied on free advertising (i.e. certain youtube channels). Since steel wool joined we got help from Playstation, but that's it. Almost everything that advertised are helped by the hands of the community itself by keep discussing it. Remember there's a time when people criticized the way Scott and Steel Wool marketed Security Breach?
Yup, that's the thing I also have concern with FNaF movie.
Cryptic Message are Scott arsenal on marketing. And that's what keep the community on hook. But the thing is, that's also give drawbacks to the game itself. A lot of people who are a fan in 2014-2015, started to leave from 2017. And that's reasonable, because how terrifying (yet unique) Scott's advertising method is (using a source code at his page???). I remember keep seeing people surprised that the series was concluded back in 2017. They think the game will never ends (which partially true, tho) or the game already dead.
You may ask, so then why the franchise can still be a success without any usual marketing? That means everything will be fine if the same thing happen with the movie right?
Wrong, there's very different dynamics in Gaming and Movie industry. My theory on why FNaF can keep relevant to this date is because the franchise have a strong and self sustaining niche (the community itself). But this niche are limited, and not as big compared to another triple-A IPs.
Scott advertisement rarely break/noticed by huge media, and maybe keeping low-key was the best choice at the time, but now is different.
Scott is on another level of stakes right now. His playing on a different field. And this field (moviegoers) behave differently than gamers. Even in our own field, keep in mind we're still a small niche. Also don't forget he's partnered with somebody else, of course he should give them back something in return.
These past few months I keep observing about FNaF. I stumbled across people on the internet who are unfamiliar with the series or didn't see any charm from the games (which is ok, everyone has different opinions). But they response also can give us a clue, how actually everything is more challenging than we thought.
The gaming community in general (read : people who prefer Triple-A over indie) are somewhat still bitter about FNaF, even though they acknowledge the series. Their lack of interest on the game, resulted in very few knowledge about the good parts from the community. Maybe I'm just met with internet trolls, but then again, we can't brush off over their opinions. Sometimes I still see bashing comments about the game to this day. Try to search outside your favourite channel and you may found a lot of them. Or just ask their opinion about it. (I've found one in The Game Awards 2014 & 2015.) In this case, unless Scott is someone like Toby Fox who is having someone, as big in the game industry as Masahiro Sakurai, on his back, his game couldn't get anymore rocket boost to worldwide popularity.
That's not all, the other day I accidentally stumbled upon Letterboxd sites, which is moviegoers social media. And what I've found on the FNaF movie review page was few sarcastic comments.
In my head, they aren't just having a complete 180° mindset towards the series. We of course know all the struggle (or a snippet of it) in the past 5 years how hard Scott have tried to work on a script. And so, we proud when he finally comes with the right one. But these people, and maybe a lot of people, casual people out there doesn't have the same idea like us. Holy sh*t! They maybe don't give a damn about it!
Think about it, how you invite normies people to something that is not trending anymore, lost in development for 5 years, and yet younger compared to other pop culture adaptation and Triple-A titles that marked down in history for a longer period than FNaF?
And that's where the Marketing Team responsibility kicks in. You know, us, as the niche may can sustain the game. Jason Blum aware that we're "rabids fanbase". But does he also aware that the gaming community in general itself are pretty diverse? I don't think so. And this are the challenge for the marketing team to find and attract their target audience effectively.
Something's that definitely missing or having huge different on marketing from Games to Movies are live reactions. The movie can't have Markiplier sitting for 2 hours as promotion. But films can have test-screening which is the equivalent of it. I hope they can also ask a big, qualified names to test screening and promote the movie.
You may familiar with the most notably marketing strategy, such as promotional image teasers, posters, product placement / collab with other brands (I think soon FNaF would need to collaborate with big mainstream brand outside of merch) and of course, official trailer (I would watch random movies at theatre just so I can experience that trailer on full immersion..)
Meanwhile the setting goals for marketing, at least for myself are :
  1. How to attract someone who doesn't know FNaF at all to watch it? (And yes, there's people who untouched by internet culture...)
  2. How to attract people who acknowledge it but doesn't interested at all to even come to theaters and watch it?
  3. How to make the marketing doesn't disappointed the fanbase? (because if the marketing is a failure and a turn off for the fans, than the people on number 1 & 2 wouldn't be assured)
In the case of number 1, this is what happens to your favourite blockbuster. Filled with hyperactive action and oversaturated CGI. Because those are captivating! Even if the marketing outright lying about what actually happens in the movie, that's still a good marketing strategy to make people comes and get the money back.
Other things that good for marketing are having A-list actors, or the one who is on the rise, or the one who is respected. Same thing with director. People will having trust if a movie have these. Sometimes, I met a comments saying they don't want to see big actors on FNaF movie. I understand this reason. Again, some actor doesn't grew up with the source material of their jobs, which end up performing disappointing adaptation of the characters. But, honestly there are no bigger bait than A-list actors/directors to lure newcomers and casual audience.
In the case of horror movie, though, I don't know what makes people interested in it. For me, I watch it in theatre basically because I want. Let me know your opinions on what marketing strategy makes people want to watch horror films!
The number 2 are a lot more challenging. The only way to attract these kind of people are by having an already massive, mainstream hype wave for the movie. They will easily pulled altogether with the trends. And since humans have group pack mentality, once FNaF became mainstream in the world, they'll accept it.
Number 3, the example is sonic movie. Pretty self explanatory.
Oh yes, another things to mention. 2022 (the possible release year for the movie) will have a tight competition since now big company movies are aimed for 2021-2022 release, means they'll flood the theatres. I hope the marketing team doesn't make the movie compete with giant movie titles. Because I'm afraid people will choose to watch it over streaming service rather than theatres.
But, all in all, we can't forget that FNaF can be still advertised by us. Which means we can help. With the power of internet itself, we can test the water and then help to aim the official marketing team which route they should take.
There's a lot of opportunities, such as making trendy memes from the trailers, ask our favourite internet film critics their opinion about the trailer when it comes out, making cool project to hype up the movie, etc. You could also having a convo with close people around you but unaware of FNaF. The point is, by raising awareness on people about the existence of the movie, using multiple different platform. While the job of the official marketing team are to capture the right & spot on essence from the movie, so the audience could set the right expectation bar, but also that essence must be valuable so they want to see it.
And I think, that's all about it. Tbh I'm more of a Film guy then a gamers. And one of my desire are to see the film adaptation of my favourite game franchise also being respected and admired in it's own movie industry way (maybe I'll cry if the movie really bombed...) Definitely would open more doors and recognition to other indie games as well, if the movie recognized and successful in revenue.
I believe the fanbase could give the support and attentions it needs, that's what loyal fanbase do. The funny thing is, every fanbase always praise their respective Franchise, even if the critics says the opposite, no matter how hard the movie fail at money. But for FNaF movie's 5 years development (and soon to be six), I hope it get something more than the fanbase adoration. At this point I don't care for movie sequels, I just want to see the first movie on it's beautiful glory.
Maybe not Martin Scorcese level, no, of course not. I hope Scott having a complete sense of what story he's working on. I hope Chris Colombus can pulled it off like this will be his magnum opus. And I hope Blumhouse can provide everything it takes to make it as good as possible, and marketed as interesting as possible. Waiting for the next news!
And guys, I'm curious about your opinion on this topic as well. Let me know what you think!
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2020.11.27 16:49 SleepwalkingOwl What needs to change in Ireland

I just moved back to Ireland and well here’s the bad things and how they could be better. The general sluggishness in society is eye opening.
Here’s what needs to change: Banks - we need banks that open on Saturdays! ... when can a Monday - Friday 9-5 worker go? Also debit card replacements over the counter in every branch would be nice.
Doctors - same issue as above. Why can’t any doctors open on Saturday’s ... and dare I say Sunday’s? Healthcare issues are every day. Your ear infection doesn’t just go give up on the weekends. (I do realize there is now doc but why not general appointments at the weekends so we don’t need a day off work to go)
Cash vs Cashless- every single business should accept card and tap in this day and age. Im not saying we should go completely cashless. I think all businesses should accept both (and covid is not an excuse to kill cash .. cash is legal tender).
Public Services workers - Anyone who has contacted any government service knows what I’m talking about here - the soulless and unapologetic drones who don’t want to help. Every interaction is like scraping a nail on a blackboard. They need to be trained to treat people like customers and sound like they want to help.
Nct and Tv license - both of these things need to be abolished! The nct service takes older cars off the road pushing up the sales of newer cars just so government gets more Tax revenue (and the nct fees of course). Extending the life of older cars is better for the planet!
The tv license annoys me the most of all. It comes from the days when we had 3 Irish channels - rte - rte 2 and TG4. Now with streaming services and pretty much limitless online channel offers this system is OUT OF DATE. We pay for internet, we pay for steaming, why do we have to pay for RTE? ... sell to private sector and abolish the license. Or at the very least reduce RTE to state news broadcasting only (bye bye Ryan Tubberdy and his 500k salary)
Rubbish - the stuff we throw away. Why do we have to pay so much to recycle when other countries including Eu countries pay you for bottles and tins. I miss saving up all my bottles and cans for recycle center and getting 5-15$ for my trouble. It felt like a nice boost and encouragement to recycle. Now I just burn everything that’s even remotely flammable. General waste disposal was also free where I came from and everyone recycled properly. Ireland encourages you to damage the environment!
Other stuff: I dislike the 66% fuel tax. The carbon taxes that are used as general taxation and don’t go into funding green solutions. And my most controversial thought would be ban cigarettes outright instead of applying 80% tax but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.
With all the above said, I do love Ireland, it is my home and in the interest of being balanced I am going to make a good points post too 😁
Please tell me if you agree/disagree or even if you think I’m being too negative please share :)
( I may also do a pandemic special )
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2020.11.27 16:05 BaristaFIRE2030 We are 32 years old, make 95k combined, and live in the Midwest working in education.

/moneydiariesACTIVE is woman-centric, which I 100% love and appreciate. However, I am married, and all of our income and spending is combined. Hence, I treat everything in this diary as "our" income and "our" spending. I'm combining our retirement accounts in this list as well, and I've rounded to the nearest hundred dollars, just to make the list easier to read.

Section 1: Assets and Debts
Debt: None! We paid off our student loans this year. We use our credit cards for regular expenses so we can earn cash back and have that extra anti-fraud protection, but we pay them off every week.
Equity: None. We rent.
Retirement Accounts (401a, 457b, Roth IRA): $65,000
Brokerage Accounts (individual stock account and ETF account): $1,600
Emergency Fund: $10,300
Other Cash Savings: $13,100. We're saving up for a new car, which is most of what you see here. We also have sinking funds for travel, clothing, petsitting, veterinary care, car maintenance, medical costs, home supplies, beauty products, Christmas gifts, and any other large or irregular purchases.
Checking Account: $3,900

Section 2: Income Progression
We've both been teaching for just over a decade. Unfortunately, we didn't make much the first few years. My husband can't remember his starting salary, but as an adjunct, I started at about 10k per year. I eventually picked up some other part-time jobs, mostly in education, and was able to make 15-20k per year. I was lucky to live in a Medicaid expansion state, and I lived with my parents for free. (Obviously, this was before I was married.) My work was irregular--if they gave me three classes one semester, they'd give me one the next semester--so throughout my 20s, most of my saving was me preparing to supplement a low-income semester.
After a few years, I became disillusioned with higher education. I moved to be with my then-fiance, who had obtained a full-time position in his preferred field, and began the switch to adult education. I started part-time at a local school while also working online, 10-15 hours per week, for a large education company. At the time, we were making about 65k combined. After a year, I left the online company and became a full-time employee at the local school.
Our combined salary is currently 95k per year, though my husband is up for an important promotion, and I think that will push us to 100k in 2021. Including employer contributions to retirement, our monthly gross income is $8,720. After taxes and insurance, the total is $7,319.
As for side hustles, we're so busy with our full-time jobs that we don't have much time for extra work.
I make a few dollars completing online surveys every month, and my husband is sometimes commissioned for various art projects. We also earn cash from our cash back cards and apps. Most of this extra money is put in our brokerage accounts.

Section 3A: Retirement and Savings
Now, retirement and savings is a huge part of our budget, and that really drops what we spend on regular expenses each month. The current breakdown (again, combined) is:
- $1,116/month in to our 401As (including the employer matches)
- $800/month in to our 457Bs
- $1,000/month in to our Roth IRAs
- $0 - $350/month in to our brokerages, depending on the month's variable expenses
- ~$1,700/month in to cash savings, mostly because we're saving for a new car
This means that we have, on average, $2,600 set aside for our monthly expenses.

Section 3B: Fixed Expenses
Rent: $820. We live in a two-bedroom, pet-friendly apartment with a laundry room and a guaranteed parking a rural area. Yeah, it's cheap, but there's not much here! Also, when we were moving in together, we actively looked for programs that offered reduced rent to service workers, and we found one that applied to us. If you have any sort of public service job, definitely look for these programs!
Renter's Insurance: $13 for a middle-of-the-road policy.
Cellphones: $109. This charge KILLS ME, but we live in a rural area where only one provider works well, so they gouge you.
Internet: $68.59. See above.
Electric: This varies wildly from month to month because we have electric heat and winter is so cold here. I'd say it's about $35/month in summer, $90/month in winter. The average is around $50, so that's what I'll use in my calculations here.
Streaming Services: $58.46 for Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, ESPN+, Adobe Cloud, and YouTube Premium.
Transportation: < $50. We walk to work.
Pet Supplies: This also varies from month to month, since we get our cat's supplies in a Chewy autoshipment roughly every three months. Looking at our year-to-date calculations in our tracking software, however, I can estimate the monthly costs to $60/month. Her veterinary care and petsitting costs come out of the sinking fund as is necessary.
Patreon: $8 for some of our favorite YouTubers.
Donations: $200; this can include actual monetary donations or the cost of supplies for a gift. For example, a local church asked my husband to build something for them, and he gave it to them free of charge. We put the cost of the supplies in our donations column.
Total Fixed Expenses: ~$1,437.05

Section 3C: Variable Expenses
Some of these will obviously appear in the money diary, but I just wanted to list the general categories we have under "variable" in our budget spreadsheet:
- Pharmacy
- Food
- Fun Money
- Annual Fees (for things like car insurance and Quicken)
- Miscellaneous (postage, wedding license, etc.)

Section 4: Additional Questions
Was there an expectation for you to attend higher education? Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it?
It was expected that I get SOME form of education, be that college, trade school, or an apprenticeship. I earned a Master's Degree. Some money came from small inheritances from late loved ones, but with three children in college at the same time, my parents couldn't stretch it far. I earned some scholarships and grants thanks to my high grades, and the rest was funded by student loans, which we just paid off this past summer.
Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money? Did your parent/guardian(s) educate you about finances?
I think my parents were so stressed about money for most of my childhood that they avoided talking about it as much as possible. They encouraged us to work hard and save money, and they often spoke about my grandparents living through the Great Depression, but it didn't go much further. My parents weren't educated on money in their early adulthood, either, so I'm not shocked. Now that I'm all grown up, I talk to my parents about money all the time. Part of that is me being the "responsible one" who will care for my parents' affairs if they're unable to later in life. My siblings are still willfully ignorant on the topic in general, though one of them has finally started to work on paying off their student loan debt.
What was your first job and why did you get it?
My sibling and I worked at a grocery store when we were 16. We wanted some pocket money, of course, but I also had a weird sense that working would be good for me. My parents emphasized that we'd have to quit if it impacted our grades, but we only worked 15-20 hours per week, so we were totally fine.
Did you worry about money growing up?
Never; my parents were MASTERS at hiding how much they struggled when we were young. Looking back at it, I'm a little flabbergasted by how much they managed to do with very little.
Do you worry about money now?
Sort of. My husband and I are DINKs, and we're good savers now, so I rarely worry about the short-term. But long-term catastrophes like major medical expenses and house fires will always scare me a little.
At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself and do you have a financial safety net?
Ahahahaha--yeah, I was about 30. It's not that I didn't TRY to be more responsible when I was in my 20s, but I rarely made enough. I'd make a dent in my student loans one semester, and then they'd cut my course load the next semester, forcing me to stop making payments and live off of savings instead. I started taking investing and finance classes both online and in person around my 30th birthday, and that initiated a better-late-than-never change for me.
Thanks to this recent financial education and my husband's conservative nature, we have a solid emergency fund, which definitely helps us feel secure. We're saving and investing a lot so we can have an even bigger safety net when we leave our current location/jobs.
Do you or have you ever received passive or inherited income? If yes, please explain.
I received a thousand dollars here or there from loved ones who passed away, which immediately went toward my tuition. If I had to come up with a total, I'd say it's just under 10k. Some of our investments also pay out dividends, which we've set to automatic reinvestment for now.

Section 5: Money Diary
(WARNING: We're really boring, especially during a pandemic. Also, rest assured that we are always wearing masks at work, stores, and restaurants.)
8:00am - I wake up with a long-lasting headache still slamming around in my brain, so I take some ibuprofen and curl up on the couch. My husband wakes up, plays with and feeds the cat, and we head off to work.
12:30pm - After an incredibly difficult week, my half-day at work goes really well! Lots of students are succeeding, and our community appointments are quick and easy. I leave in the afternoon, prepare some lunch, and cash out our credit card cash back, which will go on to our December budget.
2:00pm - My husband finishes his day a little early, so we head out to complete some errands. First, we deposit a $175 reimbursement check from our dental insurance; this will balance out to $0 when our $175 bill arrives in a week or so. Then, we return a (very generous, but not workable) wedding gift from some friends, which nets us an eye-bulging $180 gift card. Finally, we top off our gas tank ($23.63) and pick up our groceries for the coming week, including some goodies for a two-person Thanksgiving ($71.77).
5:00pm - We order out once a week, usually on Friday nights, and my husband picks pizza ($34.00). I bake a boxed cake from the pantry, and we watch the newest episode of Great British Baking Show. Yes, I'm aware of the irony.
8:30pm - I start a Zoom call with a friend of a friend to go through specialty product recommendations. When that's finished, I reserve a few books from the library, as they've been closed to the public since March and are currently doing carryout only. Then I take a shower, settle in for a bit of reading, and am asleep shortly after midnight.
Friday Total: $129.40
9:30am - Sleeping in feels AMAZING, especially since it's my first day in a week without a headache! This feels less amazing, though, when my boss tells me that several students have tested positive for COVID or may have COVID. Now I'm worried that that's what made me feel sick this past week, so I sign my husband and myself up for a free testing event on Monday. (We like to get tested monthly, anyway.) Then I settle in with a homemade caramel soy cafe au lait made with premium grounds from a small coffee shop and start playing with some spreadsheets.
12:00pm - My husband tells me he isn't crazy about the premium coffee...well, nuts. I make a note to pick up some good ol' Folgers for him this coming week before putting on my makeup. Then I reheat pizza for both of us and spend my afternoon watching YouTube and browsing Reddit. I'm especially interested in French press-related content, since I've always wanted one and that $180 gift card is burning a hole in my pocket. My husband heads out to work on some commissions.
4:00pm - Unfortunately, our town doesn't have a shoe shop, so my husband picks up a pair of boots to replace his current, damaged pair ($151.19); he'll get the damaged pair resoled the next time we travel out of town. I pull $100 from our clothing sinking fund to offset the costs. He feeds our cat and I call my family. Then I cook shakshuka for dinner, which we eat while watching the newest episode of The Mandalorian. After dinner, my husband games with his friends and I browse home listings on Zillow.
10:15pm - I force myself to turn off the computer, take a shower, and crawl in to bed for books and lo-fi music streams. I fall asleep around 1:00am.
Saturday Total: $151.19
9:30am - Another great day of sleeping in! This weekend has been good to me. I feed our cat, start the laundry, and run through my skincare routine before making my cafe au lait and checking out some of the once-a-year sales that are popping up. I repurchase a few 20% off staples I'm running low on using our beauty sinking fund ($46.40). The other gifts and items I had planned to buy aren't on sale yet, so I move on to my daily financial check-up. I notice my husband's annual XBox Live payment hasn't come out of our account yet; we realize they have combined some of their products and are converting to a monthly payment cycle. With that figured out, I switch over to Zillow and look at condos I'll never be able to afford.
12:00pm - We eat the last of our leftover pizza. My husband leaves to finish more commissions, and I, slug that I am, keep browsing Zillow and watching YouTube for over an hour. Then I force myself to take a walk--it's cold, but dry and sunny. After my walk, I eat a snack and crawl in to bed with a library book.
5:00pm - For dinner, I make spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread, and we watch a few episodes of Schitts Creek. My husband leaves to help someone with an errand. I wash the dishes and watch a short documentary. When he gets back, we spend some time together, shower, then head off to separate rooms to play games (Fortnite for him, Magic: The Gathering for me).
11:00pm - I've been trying out a few different planner layouts and sizes, and I've landed on a planner I've been using at work as the best option. I purchase a similar planner for my "day to day" plans and notes ($36.92). That finished, I get ready for bed with books and therapeutic list-making. I check my alarms, then hit the hay around midnight.
Sunday Total: $83.32
5:45am - Our cat starts chewing a cardboard box as loudly and obnoxiously as possible. I'm afraid she'll wake up my husband, so I spend a few minutes with her before tossing the offending box in to the complex hallway, giving her a treat, and crawling back in to bed.
8:15am - The box fiasco makes me sleep in a half hour past my alarm. Still, I have time to run through my usual morning routine: play with and feed the cat, check our financials, check my email, and relax a little before work. I still haven't heard back about a surprise $200 medical bill that may have been coded wrong, and it's shooting me the evil eye from my desk. I ignore it and leave for work with my husband. Between prep work, classes, and meetings, it's an insanely busy morning.
1:30pm - I finally make it home for lunch, which is an air fried potato with some broccoli in cheese sauce on top. I eat while petting my cat and watching the newest episode of Folding Ideas. Then it's back to work; I spend the afternoon lesson planning and sending emails, taking a five minute break to get a COVID test.
6:00pm - No students come for my evening class, so I leave early. My husband and I eat leftovers while watching Schitts Creek. Afterward, I do some chores and post a few items we don't need on our local "buy nothing" Facebook group. Then I eat ice cream while browsing the internet and playing video games. By eleven, I'm showered and in bed with my book.
Monday Total: $0.00
7:45am - It's time for my usual routine--cat, coffee, financials--before I get ready for work. I'm honestly a little exhausted at this point in the semester and can't wait for a four day weekend. I complete a few online surveys for some extra pocket money, and then we're off to work. I spend the rest of the morning prepping for and teaching classes.
1:15pm - I head home and cook a quick lunch. I'm already regretting putting free stuff on the buy nothing group, since I'm getting pinged by half a dozen people asking me to have the items ready at very specific times. In the end, we agree to meet up tomorrow when I'm done working.
5:00pm - The medical office has finally called me back and they inform me that, yes, I owe them $200 after insurance for--get this--having a prescription renewed. Frustrated, I decide to just pull the money from our medical sinking fund and be done with it ($200.00). I also leave work late because one of our students never lines up her transportation correctly. My husband and I treat today as our "takeout night" and get Chinese food, since I'll be home and cooking for the rest of the week ($34.81). We enjoy our food while watching Schitts Creek. I do the dishes, then read articles on the web and watch "morning routine at work" videos for a bit.
10:00pm - Typical night-time routine: play with our cat, shower, crawl in to bed with books and music streams, asleep just after midnight.
Tuesday Total: $234.81
7:45am - I don't have to be at work as early as usual, so after caring for our cat and calling in a prescription, I take my time with my coffee. I also purchase my parents their Christmas present, since it's finally $50 off ($208.95), and I buy a small gift for my sibling's new girlfriend as well ($35.00). (All of our Christmas gifts are covered by a sinking fund.) I drop my medical bill in to the outgoing mail box and leave for my assortment of meetings just after 9:00am.
12:30pm - Our early dismissal leaves us plenty of time to run some quick errands. We pick up our library books, then a medication ($17.44), and since we're already in the grocery store, my husband asks if we can get everything on our list now so we don't have to go out for the rest of the month ($39.16). When we get home, we eat some of our leftover Chinese food. My husband leaves to work on some art for an hour, and I wait for responses from the "buy nothing group" folks. I pass the time by eating a slice of the day-old birthday cake we got from the grocery store at half-price--no regrets there. What I *do* regret is the sudden realization that I accidentally dropped my medical bill in to the rent drop box this morning. I call the property manager (who lives upstairs), and she puts it in the correct box for me.
2:45pm - Finally, it's time to mask up and hand off the buy nothing stuff! One party arrives, the other never does, so about 2 hours after their original meet-up time, I tell them I will just donate the items. In the future, I will probably tell people, "This stuff will be available at X time on X day; I will not hold things or arrange another time." I'm too old and cranky for this. Now partially unburdened, I make my husband and I half-caff cafe au laits and get ready for a night of video games, YouTube, books, and Zillow.
5:30pm - I make breakfast-for-dinner, my husband's favorite. After eating, I do a little cleaning, then engross myself in more YouTube and books until bedtime. I fall asleep around 1:00am.
Wednesday Total: $300.55
9:00am - I wake up and try to let my husband sleep in, but the cat wrestles out of my arms and jumps right on his chest. I play with her and feed her. Then my husband sweeps the floor and I start the first of four loads of laundry. (We go through masks and towels like crazy right now.) We get our coffee, and then I read and he plays video games for about an hour. Around 11:00am, it's time for what is simultaneously the most disgusting and satisfying monthly chore: scrubbing the litterbox and accoutrements. Afterward, I wash up, make myself another coffee, and log on to Goldbelly's 20% off sale to purchase some more Christmas gifts with our sinking fund: gluten-free truffles for our friends down south ($55.20), and some cheesecake to share with our friends here ($82.00).
12:00pm - We have the last of our leftover Chinese food for lunch. Honestly, I'm always a little shocked by how much food that restaurant gives us for the price.
4:00pm - I buy one last Christmas gift from Sephora for my best friend ($26.75). Then it's time to start my Thanksgiving-for-two prep: macaroni and cheese, brussels sprouts in bacon, roasted carrots, and turkey-swiss sliders. (I originally wanted to cook up some turkey legs, but there were none to be found in our local store, just whole turkeys and ducks.) Most of the recipes are brand new to me, so I'm really anxious, but my husband helps a bit and it all turns out pretty good! We mask up and do a "contactless food exchange" with our friends living upstairs. We watch Run on Hulu while we eat, then call my parents and his grandparents to chat.
10:00pm - I finish the laundry, play with and feed our cat, shower up, then crawl in to bed with my water bottle and a book. Just before midnight, my COVID-19 test results arrive via text: NEGATIVE. All in all, this was the perfect start to a long weekend.
Thursday Total: $163.95

Section 5: Discretionary Spending Total: $1,063.22
Food and Drink: $179.74
Home and Health: $217.44
Clothes and Beauty: $197.59
Transportation: $23.63
Gifts: $407.90
Other: $36.92
NOTE: $754.30 came from our sinking funds.

Section 6: Reflection
Frankly, I think every money diary will look a bit "off" for the next month or so due to holiday spending. That said, some of our purchases this week were "unusual" things like new boots for my husband and an absurd bill for a 10-minute visit to the doctor's office. As for the gifts, this was spending we had saved and planned for for an entire year. Expenses like these are what prompt us to maintain sinking funds.
I figured we would spend more on our days off, and that was definitely the case. Is some of this having time to shop and browse? Definitely. I probably would've put off purchasing the planner for another month or so if I'd been busier on Sunday, for instance. That said, we're still on track to stay within our budgeted "pockey money" allowances this month, so I'm not upset about it. And our annual saving and spending trends remain relatively consistent. Living in a rural area with next to nothing to do, especially in COVID times, is helping us keep that spending low!
All in all, I think we do a pretty decent job. I really wish we had larger 457b and taxable brokerage contributions, but saving for a car with four wheel drive takes a lot of cash, even when you're buying used. Once we have said car, however, we're hoping to increase those contributions and up our travel savings.
submitted by BaristaFIRE2030 to MoneyDiariesACTIVE [link] [comments]

2020.11.27 11:02 helloworddd Scan + Map facilitating in Shipping and Logistics Services

Scan + Map facilitating in Shipping and Logistics Services
You are probably a shipping and logistics company and your services require you to manage the flow of product delivery. You are trying your best to make sure that the products you handle, are transported from the purpose of origin to destination safely. You are trying to find ways to reinforce your services to cater to your customers better. QR Codes are the need of time as QR Codes store information which is easily scan-able with a smartphone and don't need you to put in any cost-intensive set-QR Codes store information. In fact, a QR Code can store up to 7,089 numeric or 2,953 alphanumeric characters.
Being a Shipping & Logistics Service, you need to keep an eye on goods at various stages during transit for which you do not need to regularly call the fellow operators or track the goods information and delivery status. QR Codes help both shipping and logistics do it easily. Once you place them on the packaging, operators can scan them at various stages of the transit from the warehouse to the delivery destination.
With Scan & Map Kit in your Business App, you can easily keep a track of the delivery packages. From scanning to get information, delivery status, delivery destination, and the directions to guide the Deliveryman to the destination.
Huawei Scan Kit:
HUAWEI Scan Kit scans and parses all major 1D and 2D barcodes and generates QR codes, helping you quickly build barcode scanning functions into your apps. Scan Kit automatically detects, magnifies, and recognizes barcodes from a distance, and is also able to scan a very small barcode in the same way.
Huawei Map Kit:
Huawei Map kit allows can easily integrate map-based functions into your apps and make location-based services work better for you.
  1. Integrate HMS Core in project
  2. Enable Scan and Map Kit from AGC Console
  3. Add agconnet-service.json file in the app level directory
1. Add Dependencies & Permission:
1.1: Add the following dependencies in the app level build.gradle file:
dependencies { 
//Map implementation 'com.huawei.hms:maps:' //Scan implementation 'com.huawei.hms:scan:' }
1.2: Add the following permissions in the AndroidManifest.xml:
2. Add Layout Files:
2.1: Add the activity_main.xml layout file in the layout folder of the res. This is the layout view of the Main Activity of the in the application, contains a Recyclerview to display the arraylist.
2.2: Add the activity_details.xml layout file in the layout folder of the res. This is the layout view of the Details Activity of the in the application, which contains the Textviews and a Mapview.
2.3: Add the activity_scan.xml layout file in the layout folder of the res. This is the layout view of the Details Activity of the in the application, which contains the Surfaceview for the camera preview and an ImageView for a customize scanning rectangular area.
2.4: Add the cardview_parcel.xml layout file in the layout folder of the res. This is the layout view for the items of Recyclerview in the Main Activity of the application, which contains the Cardview to display Textviews & Imageviews.
3. Add Classes
3.1: Add the file in the App. This class extends AppCompatActivity and implements the Callback Interface of Parcel Adapter to handle views inside the adapter.
public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity implements ParcelsAdapter.CallbackInterface { List parcelsModalList; RecyclerView mRecyclerView; ParcelsAdapter parcelsAdapter; public static final int SCAN_START_CODE = 001; private static final int SCAN_CODE = 002; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_main); parcelsModalList = new ArrayList(); LinearLayoutManager layoutManager = new LinearLayoutManager(this); mRecyclerView = (RecyclerView) findViewById(; mRecyclerView.setLayoutManager(layoutManager); // Add Data to list parcelsModalList.add(new ParcelsModal("00001", "John Atkinson", "123456789", "40.716124, -74.001884","Delivered")); parcelsModalList.add(new ParcelsModal("00002", "Mark Bennett", "123456789", "40.712188, -73.997378","Delivered")); parcelsModalList.add(new ParcelsModal("00003", "Jack Brooks", "123456789", "40.717588, -74.010403","Not Delivered")); parcelsModalList.add(new ParcelsModal("00004", "Alice John", "123456789", "40.715188, -73.995078","Not Delivered")); parcelsModalList.add(new ParcelsModal("00005", "Julie Berk", "123456789", "40.713588, -74.013303","Not Delivered")); parcelsAdapter = new ParcelsAdapter(MainActivity.this, (ArrayList) parcelsModalList); mRecyclerView.setAdapter(parcelsAdapter); parcelsAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged(); } //To Handle Callback @Override public void onHandleSelection(String text) { ActivityCompat.requestPermissions( this, new String[]{Manifest.permission.CAMERA, Manifest.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE}, SCAN_START_CODE); } @Override public void onRequestPermissionsResult(int requestCode, String[] permissions, int[] grantResults) { if (permissions == null grantResults == null grantResults.length < 2 grantResults[0] != PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED grantResults[1] != PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED) { return; } if (requestCode == SCAN_START_CODE) { //start your activity for scanning barcode Intent newIntent = new Intent(this, ScanActivity.class); this.startActivityForResult(newIntent, SCAN_CODE); } } @Override protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) { //receive result after your activity finished scanning super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data); if (resultCode != RESULT_OK data == null) { return; } //Get Code from QR if (requestCode == SCAN_CODE) { HmsScan hmsScan = data.getParcelableExtra(ScanActivity.SCAN_RESULT); if (hmsScan != null && !TextUtils.isEmpty(hmsScan.getOriginalValue())) { processData(hmsScan.getOriginalValue()); } } } //To Handle Adapter callback data in Activity private void processData(String value){ for (ParcelsModal modal : parcelsAdapter.getDataAdapterList()) { //Update date at your Server Here if(modal.getParcel_id().equals(value)){ modal.setParcel_dilvery_status("Delivered"); Toast.makeText(this, "Parcel Delivered", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); break; // No need to run the remaining loop } } parcelsAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged(); } } 
3.2: Add the file in the App. This class extends RecyclerView.Adapter which provides a binding from an app-specific data set to views of each row in the Recyclerview.
public class ParcelsAdapter extends RecyclerView.Adapter { ArrayList dataAdapterList; Activity activity; public static final int SCAN_START_CODE = 001; private static final int SCAN_CODE = 002; private CallbackInterface mCallback; public interface CallbackInterface{ /** * Callback invoked when clicked * @param text - the text to pass back */ void onHandleSelection(String text); } public ParcelsAdapter(Activity activity, ArrayList feedItemList) { this.dataAdapterList = feedItemList; this.activity = activity; mCallback = (CallbackInterface) activity; } @Override public ViewHolder onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup viewGroup, int i) { View itemView = LayoutInflater.from(viewGroup.getContext()).inflate(R.layout.cardview_parcels, null); return new ParcelsAdapter.ViewHolder(itemView); } @Override public void onBindViewHolder(final ViewHolder holder, int i) { final ParcelsModal feedItem = dataAdapterList.get(i); holder.serialNo.setText(String.valueOf(i+1)); setTextOrHideView(holder.parcelId, Utils.makeSectionOfTextBold("Parcel ID : " + feedItem.parcel_id, "Parcel ID : "), feedItem.parcel_id); setTextOrHideView(holder.parcelName, Utils.makeSectionOfTextBold("Parcel Name : " + feedItem.parcel_dilvery_name, "Parcel Name : "), feedItem.parcel_dilvery_name); setTextOrHideView(holder.parcelContact, Utils.makeSectionOfTextBold("Parcel Contact : " + feedItem.parcel_dilvery_contact, "Parcel Contact : "), feedItem.parcel_dilvery_contact); setTextOrHideView(holder.parcelLocation, Utils.makeSectionOfTextBold("Parcel Address : " + feedItem.parcel_dilvery_location, "Parcel Address : "), feedItem.parcel_dilvery_location); setTextOrHideView(holder.parcelStatus, Utils.makeSectionOfTextBold("Parcel Status : " + feedItem.parcel_dilvery_status, "Parcel Status : "), feedItem.parcel_dilvery_status); if(feedItem.parcel_dilvery_status.equals("Delivered")){ holder.cameraBtn.setVisibility(View.INVISIBLE); holder.parcelStatus.setTextColor(Color.parseColor("#08870D")); }else{ holder.cameraBtn.setVisibility(View.VISIBLE); holder.parcelStatus.setTextColor(Color.parseColor("#A81123")); } holder.locationBtn.setOnClickListener(v -> { //Sending Data to Activity Bundle bundle = new Bundle(); bundle.putString("serial", String.valueOf(i+1)); bundle.putString("id", feedItem.parcel_id); bundle.putString("name", feedItem.parcel_dilvery_name); bundle.putString("contact", feedItem.parcel_dilvery_contact); bundle.putString("location", feedItem.parcel_dilvery_location); bundle.putString("status", feedItem.parcel_dilvery_status); Intent myIntent = new Intent(activity, DetailsActivity.class); myIntent.putExtras(bundle); activity.startActivity(myIntent); }); holder.cameraBtn.setOnClickListener(v -> { //For Camera Activity if(mCallback != null){ mCallback.onHandleSelection(feedItem.parcel_id); } }); } public void setTextOrHideView(TextView textView, SpannableStringBuilder spanableText, String data) { if (data != null && data.length() > 0) textView.setText(spanableText); else textView.setVisibility(View.GONE); } @Override public int getItemCount() { return (null != dataAdapterList ? dataAdapterList.size() : 0); } public ArrayList getDataAdapterList() { return dataAdapterList == null ? new ArrayList<>() : dataAdapterList; } static class ViewHolder extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder { protected TextView serialNo, parcelId,parcelName,parcelContact,parcelLocation,parcelStatus; protected ImageView cameraBtn,locationBtn; public ViewHolder(View view) { super(view); serialNo = itemView.findViewById(; parcelId = itemView.findViewById(; parcelName = itemView.findViewById(; parcelContact = itemView.findViewById(; parcelLocation = itemView.findViewById(; parcelStatus = itemView.findViewById(; cameraBtn = itemView.findViewById(; locationBtn = itemView.findViewById(; } } } 
3.3: Add the file in the App. This class extends AppCompayActivity and implements OnMapReadyCallback. We have initiated a Mapview, other views which are populated from the values received in the bundle from the Adapter intent.
public class DetailsActivity extends AppCompatActivity implements OnMapReadyCallback { private static LatLng riderLocation = new LatLng(40.706124, -74.00454); TextView parcelID,parcelName,parcelContact,parcelLocation,parcelStatus; String serial,id,name,contact,location,status; Intent intent; Button deliver; private static final String TAG = "MapActivity"; private HuaweiMap hMap; private MapView mMapView; private static final String MAPVIEW_BUNDLE_KEY = "MapViewBundleKey"; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_details); init(savedInstanceState); } private void init(Bundle savedInstanceState) { parcelID =findViewById(; parcelName =findViewById(; parcelContact =findViewById(; parcelLocation =findViewById(; parcelStatus =findViewById(; intent = getIntent(); mMapView = findViewById(; setValues(); Bundle mapViewBundle = null; if (savedInstanceState != null) { mapViewBundle = savedInstanceState.getBundle(MAPVIEW_BUNDLE_KEY); } AGConnectServicesConfig config = AGConnectServicesConfig.fromContext(this); MapsInitializer.setApiKey(config.getString("client/api_key")); mMapView.onCreate(mapViewBundle); mMapView.getMapAsync(this); } private void setValues() { //Get Data from Bundle id = intent.getStringExtra("id"); serial = intent.getStringExtra("serial"); name = intent.getStringExtra("name"); contact = intent.getStringExtra("contact"); location = intent.getStringExtra("location"); status = intent.getStringExtra("status"); //Set date from Bundle into Views setTextOrHideView(parcelID, Utils.makeSectionOfTextBold("Parcel ID : " + id, "Parcel ID : "), id); setTextOrHideView(parcelName, Utils.makeSectionOfTextBold("Parcel Name : " + name, "Parcel Name : "), name); setTextOrHideView(parcelContact, Utils.makeSectionOfTextBold("Parcel Contact : " + contact, "Parcel Contact : "), contact); setTextOrHideView(parcelLocation, Utils.makeSectionOfTextBold("Parcel Address : " + location, "Parcel Address : "), location); setTextOrHideView(parcelStatus, Utils.makeSectionOfTextBold("Parcel Status : " + status, "Parcel Status : "), status); } @Override public void onMapReady(HuaweiMap map) { //get map instance in a callback method Log.d(TAG, "onMapReady: "); hMap = map; addMarkersOnMap(); } private void addMarkersOnMap() { //Strings convert to LatLong for sample String[] latLng = location.split(","); double latitude = Double.parseDouble(latLng[0]); double longitude = Double.parseDouble(latLng[1]); LatLng parcelLocation = new LatLng(latitude, longitude); //Add Rider Marker hMap.addMarker(new MarkerOptions().position(riderLocation).title("Rider").snippet(contact).clusterable(true).icon(BitmapDescriptorFactory.defaultMarker(BitmapDescriptorFactory.HUE_GREEN))); //Add Parcel Delivery Marker hMap.moveCamera(CameraUpdateFactory.newLatLngZoom(new LatLng(latitude,longitude), 14)); hMap.addMarker(new MarkerOptions().position(parcelLocation).title(name).snippet(contact).clusterable(true).icon(BitmapDescriptorFactory.defaultMarker(BitmapDescriptorFactory.HUE_RED))); } @Override protected void onStart() { super.onStart(); mMapView.onStart(); } @Override protected void onStop() { super.onStop(); mMapView.onStop(); } @Override protected void onDestroy() { super.onDestroy(); mMapView.onDestroy(); } @Override protected void onPause() { mMapView.onPause(); super.onPause(); } @Override protected void onResume() { super.onResume(); mMapView.onResume(); } public void setTextOrHideView(TextView textView, SpannableStringBuilder spanableText, String data) { if (data != null && data.length() > 0) textView.setText(spanableText); else textView.setVisibility(View.GONE); } } 
3.4: Add the file in the App. This class extends AppCompayActivity.We scan the QR codes through this class.
public class ScanActivity extends AppCompatActivity { private RemoteView remoteView; public static final String SCAN_RESULT = "scanResult"; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_scan); Rect rect = new Rect(); = 100; rect.bottom = 2000; remoteView = new RemoteView.Builder().setContext(this).setBoundingBox(rect).setFormat(HmsScan.ALL_SCAN_TYPE).build(); remoteView.onCreate(savedInstanceState); remoteView.setOnResultCallback(new OnResultCallback() { @Override public void onResult(HmsScan[] result) { if (result != null && result.length > 0 && result[0] != null && !TextUtils.isEmpty(result[0].getOriginalValue())) { Intent intent = new Intent(); intent.putExtra(SCAN_RESULT, result[0]); setResult(RESULT_OK, intent); ScanActivity.this.finish(); } } }); FrameLayout.LayoutParams params = new FrameLayout.LayoutParams(LinearLayout.LayoutParams.MATCH_PARENT, LinearLayout.LayoutParams.MATCH_PARENT); FrameLayout frameLayout = findViewById(; frameLayout.addView(remoteView, params); } 
3.5: Add the file in the App. This class handles the data.
public class ParcelsModal { public String parcel_id; public String parcel_dilvery_name; public String parcel_dilvery_contact; public String parcel_dilvery_location; public String parcel_dilvery_status; public ParcelsModal(String parcel_id, String parcel_dilvery_name, String parcel_dilvery_contact, String parcel_dilvery_location,String parcel_dilvery_status){ this.parcel_id = parcel_id; this.parcel_dilvery_name = parcel_dilvery_name; this.parcel_dilvery_contact = parcel_dilvery_contact; this.parcel_dilvery_location = parcel_dilvery_location; this.parcel_dilvery_status = parcel_dilvery_status; } public String getParcel_id() { return parcel_id; } public void setParcel_id(String parcel_id) { this.parcel_id = parcel_id; } public String getParcel_dilvery_name() { return parcel_dilvery_name; } public void setParcel_dilvery_name(String parcel_dilvery_name) { this.parcel_dilvery_name = parcel_dilvery_name; } public String getParcel_dilvery_contact() { return parcel_dilvery_contact; } public void setParcel_dilvery_contact(String parcel_dilvery_contact) { this.parcel_dilvery_contact = parcel_dilvery_contact; } public String getParcel_dilvery_location() { return parcel_dilvery_location; } public void setParcel_dilvery_location(String parcel_dilvery_location) { this.parcel_dilvery_location = parcel_dilvery_location; } public String getParcel_dilvery_status() { return parcel_dilvery_status; } public void setParcel_dilvery_status(String parcel_dilvery_status) { this.parcel_dilvery_status = parcel_dilvery_status; } } 
3.6: Add the file in the App. This is the class for text whose content and markup can both be changed.
public class Utils { public static SpannableStringBuilder makeSectionOfTextBold(String text, String textToBold) { SpannableStringBuilder builder = new SpannableStringBuilder(); if (textToBold.length() > 0 && !textToBold.trim().equals("")) { //for counting start/end indexes String testText = text.toLowerCase(Locale.US); String testTextToBold = textToBold.toLowerCase(Locale.US); int startingIndex = testText.indexOf(testTextToBold); int endingIndex = startingIndex + testTextToBold.length(); //for counting start/end indexes if (startingIndex < 0 endingIndex < 0) { return builder.append(text); } else if (startingIndex >= 0 && endingIndex >= 0) { builder.append(text); builder.setSpan(new StyleSpan(Typeface.BOLD), startingIndex, endingIndex, 0); } } else { return builder.append(text); } return builder; } } 
4. Application Logic:
When the deliveryman starts the app, the delivery information for each parcel will be displayed on the screen with a Camera and a Map pin button. When the deliveryman clicks the Map pin, Details Screen will be opened which will display the parcel information along with a Map which will display the parcel destination and the rider location. This will help the deliveryman to reach the destination easily. On reaching the destination, the deliveryman clicks the camera button to use the Scan kit for scanning the parcel delivery. If the scanned code matches the parcel id, the parcel will be marked delivered and the parcel status will be marked Delivered. Hence the camera button will be hidden and the deliveryman will be only able to see the delivery destination.
** Dummy Data has been used to demonstrate the app logic.
5: Run the Application:
Once all code has been added to the project, You can run the application on any Huawei HMS phone.
6: Conclusion:
Scan Kit & Map Kit can be used to develop multiple purpose apps that can help businesses reduce their operational costs, enhance customer retention, increase operational efficiency, and much more.
7: References:
7.1: Scan Kit:
7.2: Map Kit:
8: Git Repository:
submitted by helloworddd to HuaweiDevelopers [link] [comments]

2020.11.27 05:58 CountyKildare [2020 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating] - NHK Trophy Men Short Program Discussion Thread

Discuss the Men Short Program here.
Detailed colour schedule
NB: At Skate America there were multiple problems with the YouTube streams/Peacock App displaying the wrong start times for events. DOUBLE CHECK against the official colour schedule and adjust for your own timezone to avoid missing events!
Friday, November 27, 2020
19:05 Men Short Program (Osaka Time, GMT+9)
Time and Date Converter
Music Selection
Planned Program Content
Starting Order and Results
ISU Youtube Stream
QQ Robin Hood was live for Rostelecom Cup and may stream NHK. Non-geoblocked, will require enabling flash.
American viewers will need to subscribe to NBC's Peacock streaming service. Or else install a VPN to access the Youtube streams. The Opera internet browser has a built-in VPN service.
2020 NHK Trophy Discussion Thread Masterpost
submitted by CountyKildare to FigureSkating [link] [comments]

2020.11.27 05:57 CountyKildare [2020 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating] - NHK Trophy Ice Dance Rhythm Dance Discussion Thread

Discuss the Ice Dance Rhythm Dance here.
Detailed colour schedule
NB: At Skate America there were multiple problems with the YouTube streams/Peacock App displaying the wrong start times for events. DOUBLE CHECK against the official colour schedule and adjust for your own timezone to avoid missing events!
Friday, November 27, 2020
17:18 Ice Dance Rhythm Dance Program (Osaka Time, GMT+9)
Time and Date Converter
Music Selection
Planned Program Content
Starting Order and Results
ISU Youtube Stream
QQ Robin Hood was live for Rostelecom Cup and may stream NHK. Non-geoblocked, will require enabling flash.
American viewers will need to subscribe to NBC's Peacock streaming service. Or else install a VPN to access the Youtube streams. The Opera internet browser has a built-in VPN service.
2020 NHK Trophy Discussion Thread Masterpost
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2020.11.27 05:55 CountyKildare [2020 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating] - NHK Trophy Ladies Short Program Discussion Thread

Discuss the Ladies Short Program here.
Detailed colour schedule
NB: At Skate America there were multiple problems with the YouTube streams/Peacock App displaying the wrong start times for events. DOUBLE CHECK against the official colour schedule and adjust for your own timezone to avoid missing events!
Friday, November 27, 2020
15:15 Ladies Short Program (Osaka Time, GMT+9)
Time and Date Converter
Music Selection
Planned Program Content
Starting Order and Results
ISU Youtube Stream
QQ Robin Hood was live for Rostelecom Cup and may stream NHK. Non-geoblocked, will require enabling flash.
American viewers will need to subscribe to NBC's Peacock streaming service. Or else install a VPN to access the Youtube streams. The Opera internet browser has a built-in VPN service.
2020 NHK Trophy Discussion Thread Masterpost
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2020.11.27 05:54 CountyKildare [2020 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating] - NHK Trophy Discussion Thread Organizer

Look here for links to discussion threads for each event. I will update this with links as I create threads.
There is no Pairs event at the NHK Trophy.
SCHEDULE (All times in Osaka Time, GMT +9)
Time and Date Converter
NB: At Skate America there were multiple problems with the YouTube streams/Peacock App displaying the wrong start times for events. DOUBLE CHECK against the official colour schedule and adjust for your own timezone to avoid missing events!
Detailed colour schedule
Friday, November 27, 2020
15:15 Ladies Short Program Discussion Thread
17:18 Ice Dance Rhythm Dance Discussion Thread
19:05 Men Short Program Discussion Thread
Saturday, November 28, 2020
[15:25 Ladies Free Skate Discussion Thread]
[17:45 Ice Dance Free Dance Discussion Thread]
[19:35 Men Free Skate Discussion Thread]
Sunday, November 29, 2020
[14:15 Exhibition Gala]
ISU YouTube Channel
CBC Streams
QQ Robin Hood was live for Rostelecom Cup, and may stream NHK. Non-geoblocked, requires enabling flash.
American viewers will need to subscribe to NBC's Peacock streaming service. Or else install a VPN to access the YouTube streams. The Opera internet browser has a built-in VPN service.
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2020.11.26 21:53 Chuotbeo174 How to apply to ALL colleges, send act/sat scores, and submit CSS Profile for free - From a senior in crippling debt and an unfortunate income level

Hi A2C,
College fees are a pain. As someone whose income is literally a few thousand above the 45k cutoff for a lot of apps to automatically apply fee waivers, it's a massive pain.
Also I ABSOLUTELY hate how rare this information was on the internet and I had to pull up with googling skills and numerous chats with CSS profile customer supports.
Thankful for A2C helping me out so much during my college admissions process so far, I'll show you how to apply to all your colleges, submit ACT/SAT scores, and submit CSS Profile all for free.
A disclaimer: These methods actually works for all levels of income, but they require your counselor’s permission. If your counselor deems that your financial situation is crippling your ability to pay for college fees, then you can follow through with this methods below.Please don’t make up stuff so that you can get fee waivers. You’re taking away fee waivers from those who deserve it (there are limited amounts of act/sat waivers for each school).
But at the same time, fuck the college process for having this much fees, and especially fuck the College Board. So idk. Up to your ethics and morals.


  1. You must have free/reduced lunch
  2. You must have a school counselor, preferably a cooperative and understanding one
  3. Patience and time
I also barely don't make the cutoff for free/reduced lunch ($45k income), so I applied anyway and they rejected my application.
Then I was given an appeal process where I emailed some school district people and they approved it for me. I believe most schools have the same process so you can probably follow this if you're stuck in the same boat as I am.

ACT Related fees (sending scores)

I took the ACT, so I have a lot more experience in this than the SAT stuff. I took my ACT without a fee waiver because I was like “it’s too much work to not pay $50”.
Now the process for sending scores is a little bit sus ngl. It requires you to actually sign up for the ACT and not show up for the test.
  1. Ask for an ACT waiver from your counselor.
  2. Literally sign up for another ACT Test.
  3. When you sign up for another test, pick a date that is NOT in August - December so you don’t take up any spots that worrying, anxiety-filled seniors trying to improve their scores at the very last minute could have taken.
  4. When you get to the payment screen, enter in your fee waiver code. Now everything should say $0, and go through with the process until you finish signing up for a test.
  5. Remember, you’re not going to show up for this test. If you no-show, nothing happens. ACT is an independent organization with absolutely no ties to college (unlike College Board), so don’t worry about not showing up for your test and its effects on your college admissions.
  6. Now you will have the ability to send your ACT scores for free to an infinite amount of colleges.
*IMPORTANT. You may be like, “wait why can’t I just click send scores and enter in my fee waiver code in the check out cart??”
Yeah because it will say that your fee waiver code is invalid. The fee waiver only works for signing up for an ACT test, and signing up for an ACT test WITH the fee waiver gives you free score sending.

SAT Related fees (CSS Profile, sending scores)

Assuming you’ve either never taken the SAT (me) or took the SAT but never considered using a fee waiver, this part is for you.
CSS Profile
Similar to the ACT sending scores process, you’re going to sign up for another SAT Test.
  1. Ask your counselor for an SAT Fee waiver, they have many of them lying around and they will happily give you one if you qualify
  2. Go on College Board and sign up for the SAT as if you were going to take one. Actual SAT Test or SAT Subject test, it doesn’t matter. We’re just trying to get to the payment screen.
  3. Pick any date (it doesn't matter) and any location. Once you get to the part where they ask you to enter any fee waivers, enter your fee waiver code.
  4. It will say something like "this code has been applied" or something along those lines. Now open up a new tab, and go to your CSS Profile. The fees for the CSS Profile when you go to the payment page should now be waived.
You can submit to as many colleges as you want.
Pro-tip, triple check whatever you put on the CSS Profile, because you can’t edit that shit. And you’re required to submit PDFs of your 1040, w-2, 1099, etc later on through this portal called IDOC (College Board Institutional Documentation Service) so you better not be lying.
Sending scores
Since I never took the SAT, I’m actually not sure how this works. I would imagine it’s the same as the CSS Profile process above since once you apply the code in the payment screen, you automatically have all the perks for the fee waiver. As such, you can send scores for free.

College Application fees

There's many portals, so I'll try to cover the major ones: Common, Coalition, UC.
The common app fee waiver is literally the easiest one to get, it just requires either that you have
  1. free/reduced lunch or if you don't have that…
  2. check the box that says “I can provide a supporting statement...”.
Just ask your counselor, explain your situation and if they think the situation qualifies for a fee waiver, they will be able to waive it for you (they submit a fee waiver report).
When you submit the application, here’s what the payment process looks like if you have a fee waiver.
You can use the Common App fee waiver for up to 20 colleges. You can only apply to 20 colleges in the Common App anyways.
All my homies hate the coalition app. Please use the Common App whenever possible. Please. You should only be using Coalition to apply to schools that ONLY accept the Coalition like Udub, UIUC (UIUC has their own portal if you want).
Under the fee waiver section, if you just check “I have free/reduced lunch” box, then they will automatically waive the payment screen for you.Once you submit however, some colleges may ask you an your counselor to fill out a fee waiver form. UIUC asked me to send their form to my counselor, so just beware of that.Note: Non-related tip, Udub (Uwashington) and UIUC don’t need letters of rec, poggers. Also don’t submit on the deadline date with Coalition. The website dies every year and everyone on a2c panics.
UC App
UC Apps automatically apply a fee waiver if your income is $45k or below for a family of 4. Obviously I barely don't make this cutoff so gotta take some backdoor routes smh.
I haven’t submitted my UC App, so I’ll update this post when I do.But from my understanding, if you obtained a Collegeboard Fee waiver (aka SAT Fee waiver), you can use it to waive UC app fees. Not sure how the payment process looks like, but I’ll provide an update.
Final note, I did write this in 1 session in an hour, so it isn't as complete as I would like it to be. If you have more tips and stuff to add, just comment and I'll add.
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2020.11.26 16:51 ALDO113A Hardcore feminist rant about bad things society does to men leads to attempted rebuttals and "WHY LE FEMINISM THESE DAYS BAD" comments and slapfights, even accusing the OP of not being a real "hardcore feminist"

Sort by controversial
Simps are fucking disgusting. And if men can't last in bed, they should get good or get medical assistance. No excuse for being a lazy fuck. Men should be shamed for being bad in bed. Women should be shamed for not taking responsibility for orgasming.
Your points are good. What I don't understand is why is a feminist is adding to the "poor me, men are the real oppressed ones" shit rampant here? I don't think that's helping feminism.
Probably a troll
Most of your points can be countered. It's 2020. The internet exists. Men are big boys and they can Google how to be a good lover. If he cums too fast, he should make sure she finishes first. The guys who are bad in bed are selfish out of bed too. If he really cared, he'd think about how to take care of her instead of fulfilling his own needs. The word SIMP was popularized by members of the anti-feminist movement MGTOW. They're not a reflection of society. They're a bunch of male assholes and men like them cause most of the issues you have with "society." -"They’re fucking human. Let them have feelings and feel safe and comfortable and loved." or how about men for once put in the effort to understand women. If you guys still haven't figured your shit out after being on top for Earths entire history that's on you to fix not us.

"This is the worst reddit feminism post I’ve ever seen. You seem awesome"

I'm sorry small dicks are ugly. I can't.
There was a homicide in my country where a mother killed her two children. What do women do? Jump to her defense. The husband obviously must have been behind all of this. He must have killed them and locked her in with them from inside somehow. He must have been a wife beater and an abuser. Why else would a woman kill her kids? Mental illness? Nah, men are the reason for all evil here. Fck toxic feminism...
The word "simp" is fantastic. Men should be shamed for being simps, which is servicing women with no benefit to themselves. Simping has destroyed the sexual market for men and handed untold advantages to women in society. Simping isn't about "expressing love" it's about not standing up for your own interests and self.
Sounds like an incel wrote this actually
None of this is hard-core feminism. Its just regular feminism. Jsjsjs.
You’re one of the good ones.

Rebuttal to post leads to "Jesus you are disgusting":

  1. Fucking all night til the break of dawn, Women tend to like it because they take longer to orgasm and can have multiple orgasms.
  2. As long as it’s not a micro penis, I think it’s fine
  3. No it’s perfectly ok for women to have breeding instincts and not want to have kids that are borderline midgets
4, they’re not. Bald guys typically get more chicks because it signals that they’re older and have more resources
  1. They can and do.
  2. Simps allow toxic females to run rampant. They can love how they want but don’t enable abusive female behavior
  3. I don’t think other dudes do this to each other. This is something women do to men. Women are allowed to gossip and have standards too. The only thing I hate is how women will gossip about who is bad in bed but if they’re getting some good dick that secret is as safe as the location of Jimmy Hoffa’s grave.
  4. I don’t think it’s unhealthy to have a general learned code of conduct passed down by elder men in your family. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be vulnerable or have some wiggle room.
  5. You gotta lick it before you stick it. Thats a rule of thumb I learned early on. With most guys it’s not a boundary, it’s an ignorance. Who wouldn’t want a fine honey quivering on the end of your tongue with all of that sweet nectar dripping all your face? These guys just don’t know what they’re doing or are with the wrong woman. I’ve dated some women where I did not like their scent for whatever reason. That was an indicator to get away from them, an incompatibility. Others I want to eat every last bit
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2020.11.26 15:31 d__zy_b_by New AT&T TV & Internet service 😶

My new AT&T Internet won't connect. I had U-Verse up until yesterday, then it was turned off at like 5:45 in the morning bc I am switching to the newer services. The activation date on the packing slip says 11/24/2020. I have been trying to connect the new Arris gateway since I got home around 10 PM last night, but the broadband light keeps flashing between red and green. I have unplugged, reset, moved the box away from everything, plugged it directly into the wall and not the surge protector, and I still cannot get a connection established. I'm not sure what to do... that broadband jack and everything was fine until they forced U-Verse off.
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2020.11.26 14:30 PerfectLuck25367 Youtube Application on Android takes eternity to buffer videos.

I'm using Android (version 8) on a Samsung Galaxy S7. The youtube application doesn't load videos correctly while I'm on Wifi. When I connect to 4G, it works just find. It doesn't work for my girlfriend on her phone either. The video will take upwards of 3 to 10 minutes to start playing, and will spontaneously stop buffering for another 10 minutes or so.
It's so weird how it affects specifically youtube, on browser in Windows and the Android app, on both my phone and my girlfriend's phone, but I've had no problem with literally any other service, including Youtube on my mobile web browser, or any other video streaming.
My internet speed on the Wifi is a bit slow (60 mbit/s, compared to the 100 I'm paying for). However, on the same phone and the same connection, youtube works Flawlessly when viewed through the preinstalled Chrome application, and I have no other problems with internet connectivity, and neither does my girlfriend. I've also noticed problems, though much less severe, on Windows, again only affecting youtube, while on the same Wifi Connection.
I have made sure the Android OS is up to date, and the same with the Youtube application. I have restarted all devices, from the phone itself, to my router, computer, and even the printer because why not.
I have double checked that the time on my phone is synched automatically, I've made sure that the youtube application isn't on some kind of data saver mode, and I've cleared its cash and data, and I've restarted and factory reset the wifi router. I even went so far as to set up my router (D-link DIR 655) to route IPv6 locally, as that would somehow let the IPv4 connection communicate better. I have no idea what that last thing meant, but it had no effect, positive or negative.
I have straight up seen no improvement through any of my efforts. With that, I have tirelessly restarted each device with each new step of the troubleshoot. I am officially at the end of my abilities, and do not know how to fix this problem.
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2020.11.26 14:24 Dry-Insurance-9846 A warning for women using Hinge in Europe // Ak Dios De Lisa // Ak // Jeremiah // Terceira Island

There is a man who is possibly faking military service as a “security forces officer” we met “Jeremiah” or “Ak Dios de Lisa” now going simply by “AK” on Hinge. This is what we know him as but, likely, Jeremiah isn’t his real name and he has other aliases. He presents as 29, Black American 6;5. We will add pictures to this hoping that if women reverse search it that they will come up. Or find this if they are looking for answers by searching the internet. Or by some miracle, you will find this post before possibly coming across him. What he will typically do is fish and set his location in various European cities. Once he finds someone he ”likes”, he will change the location. We have information that he has been active in London, Lisbon and Rotterdam.
He will tell you that ”it must be fate” that you matched despite the distance. Because how could we match if we were so far? He claims to be in Terceira Island on an army base, Portugal (claims to soon be in Italy). After communicating for a while on the hinge he will ask for your number. He will use a Portuguese disposable number to communicate with you via WhatsApp (you won't know this until it's too late). He will voice note you and message you “good morning gorgeous” every morning. He makes himself a part of your daily life. You think he's the emotionally available guy you've been waiting for. The constant voice noting between you makes you forget that you haven’t spoken to him on the phone. His voice matches his pictures (a Black American man).
You will have deep conversations, he will magically have the same wants and needs as you. It will feel very intense. He will not give you the space to think or pursue anyone else. It will feel like you’ve met the perfect person. This is very intentional and is called love bombing. He will only appear online when talking to you which is a huge red flag (he's using that number to talk to only you). You will make plans to see each other, he says he will come to wherever you are. This makes you feel at ease. Why would he be so eager to see you if he wasn't who he said he is? And the current pandemic makes it more understandable as to why your plans are on hold. You are curious so you Google his hinge name looking for social media and a Facebook profile pops up. It has a few comments and posts on there but overall it lacks personality and depth. You feel satisfied for now. He mentions that one day you should come to his house in Terceira Island very early on. He will mirror everything you think, feel and say, but he is smart enough to make sure he has his own opinions and respects yours. The communication becomes more serious and he is very intentional in subtly planting the idea in your head that there is a future for you both from the start. He will be the first to mention a relationship. He will be the first to mention meeting up. None us classed ourselves with being in a relationship with him but we definitely thought it was possible.
Once you develop and feel safe in your feelings for him over months he will ghost. No explanation. In one of our cases, he ghosted after she said she wanted to get to know him more. Another one told him that his name on her phone makes her smile. Myself, it was randomly after his usual good morning schtick. He will vanish from WhatsApp (not by blocking you, his profile is still there but he hasn’t been online for days). He will unmatch you on Hinge. It all comes to a crashing and abrupt end and you had no idea it was coming. All that time spent talking was a lie. You realise that his number was fake, and he probably wasn’t even using the real WhatsApp app. And you wonder how you could have been so careless because you didn't know this person at all.
Because we confronted him over Facebook he has deleted his profile. He has also retracted all photographs so that you will not be able to identify him because we said we would try and warn others. Luckily we have some saved so we will post them here. The man in these photos may not even be this person. It will just help you to know who he is going as. We have reverse searched exhaustively and these images seem to be originals. We are hoping that by sharing our story we can encourage women to be more vigilant about love bombing and online dating.
Luckily none of us sent him nudes and it only got as far as sexual talking over voice notes. Talk over the video, see some identification, make sure you ask for their social media (and that it has a personalised history), meet up before investing your emotions, reverse search images. Though we understand that this is easier said than done with hindsight and the constant love bombing will not give you room to think logically. In all of our cases, we just couldn't believe our luck.
You may have a gut feeling that something just isn’t quite right. Trust it. Do not doubt yourself. We just want to warn women to be more vigilant. Sometimes it’s not even about money, extortion and blackmail. Sometimes it’s just about providing someone with narcissistic supply.
Update unaware that it isn't possible to upload pictures without a 3rd party link.*
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2020.11.26 11:09 Mimerme lol

My first memory is of me still being coddled in my mothers arms while she was arguing with her mother, my grandmother. I don't remember what it was about but I remember my mother crying, carrying me out to the porch, and swinging on our old green swinging bench thing. I think I fell asleep in her arms. I normally cut it off at the first half when people ask me what my first memory was. I remember telling her about this years later (relatively recently) at the dinner table and she just kind of laughed and noted how good my memory was even from a young age. lol.
I don't remember a lot of great things from my childhood. Maybe if I list out the bad I can finally find the good.

There are no good memories. People say cherish the things you have because one day you won't have them anymore. Seems like a lazy way of saying be happy with what you have. Happiness is earned.
My parents cooked and cleaned for me. Why didn't they let me do it as chores when I asked them when I was younger. Is this some twisted stockholm syndrome. That if I feared doing these things myself I'd want them around more. It'd nice that I don't have to cook when I come home. And I get to see the dogs. That's about where the list ends.
Weed was my coping mechanism, a way to tell myself I loved my parents. Because when you're high you love everything. And I realized early on, before I even started smoking the high I got from wining video games would transfer into my daily life, so I could ignore the shitty things and focus on the mediocre and pretend like they were stellar. "There's kids in Africa..." "Poorer people exist". "Consider yourself lucky". Id ride the high of other things to ignore the past and tell myself these things to keep myself satisfied.
My emotions were never treated. I dealt with them as any first generation Asian-American would, I burred them. Bringing them up would be a mistake, everyone would always been defensive and how I actually deserved it. This was probably early on because I haven't confronted them since. As an adult I look back on how my philosophy has developed. Never forget these:

The last one has died out, and the second one will always stand. But the first one I've been questioning. Where did this come from. I had mastered the usage of ambiguous grunts, muttered answers, and "i'll see" as non-answers to parents asking me about my day, food, whatever. It might've been in good faith, but I still found their existence to be burden. They were more legal guardians than parents. Recently when they once again triggered me my touching and throwing away my shit without asking (it was weed related. that better not change your perception much. idk i feel like it might. or specifically for when i was expressing my anger towards them) mother pinned it on me for not communicating. Yes i don't communicate. Because for some reason I believe its easier to not. Why? Well I theorize its because when I'd bring up my emotions as a child, "boys don't cry", "be man in asian dad accent", "well you..." were all common responses. I think I realized it just wasn't worth it. It was easier to just look at a computer screen, laugh with my friends and pretend like they didn't exist.
Recently I was comparing Reddit account ages with my friends. I joined in 2013. I think that might've contributed to my jadedness. I knew anyone could lie on the internet, but what really differentiates realistic fiction from non-fiction. If you can't even tell the difference, isn't there something to be learned from either. Non-fiction would mean you learned from someone else's experience. Realistic fiction means you learned from someone else's interpretation of a fictional experience. At the end of the day you're still learning something. I remember reading AskReddit threads, I always found them interesting. It was like peering into other people's lives and getting their perspective. And a lot of times there would be topics of shitty parents. I'd always compare mine to theirs and be like "well at least mine care and didn't rape me/go to jail/starve me". But for the milder ones, "yeah i cut off connections and haven't talked to them in years" seemed common. I always figured I'd go that route.
This all started when my girlfriend and I broke up and I took a step back. I realized I was using her to fill the void of emotional intimacy's that I never had from my family. That coupled with society's liberal use of the word "love" and how its usage is elastic. When we were dating I always felt like things were moving a bit too fast, and that in reality we weren't a good fit for each other. I was an overthinker because facts don't care about your feelings, and that's the power of facts. She was a more reserved individual who loved her family dearly and treated them as actually beams of support. I was jealous, but primarily in awe of such a relationship. I wanted her to be the beams of emotional support that my parents never were for me, but understandably she didn't want to.
The thought of my parents death brings me no feeling. I've run it multiple times in the present and in the past. In the past the primary thought was, "who'd pay the bills and do all the parent things" I assumed it'd be my older sister, but the thought of responsibility was what shook me. And as college came closer and closer I realized that when my parents finally die it'd probably be in another state or country, doing my own thing because I share nothing in common with them besides their shitty genetics. Would I even go to the funeral. Probably because I'd seem like an ass if I didn't. But I always imagined myself giving a eulogy for my mother (she'd always say how she'd die first of the two) and say "I hated her for what she did to me and I wish she'd know how much pain she caused before she died." Kind of like the whole Bojack churro thing. I'll probably send this to them at some point. Maybe when I off myself.
I have friends, but I don't trust them. I don't even trust myself. The shifting of blame during discussions had forced me to become self-aware at a young age. At first I'd believe what they'd say, but I realized I had my own mind, and could think for myself. Everyone makes mistakes, and I honestly believe humans are naturally good, but even good humans make mistakes. Some refuse to admit it. This isn't a call to my parents, I think I've settled with the fact that they'll either support me or chalk this up to marijuana withdrawal or coronavirus. This goes beyond that. I want to be happy on my own. To be financially, emotionally, and physically independent. Social used to be in there to but I realize that parents are only around for about half your life, even less for others. The people you meet and the friends you make are what last. And I need to somehow figure out how to make that work, to get an emotionally intimate relationship with others. Maybe this is the first step. I'll figure that out on season two with my therapist i guess. lol.

irony is my only coping mechanism lol. give me karma. for my irl friends sup.
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2020.11.26 09:59 Successful-Ad8773 5 Questions Answered By an Female Escort In an Interview

Escort service and call girls are some of the most suspicious things in the modern world. Everyone wants to know more about them. So here we share 5 answers, which are answered by an escort girl in an conversation.
I know many of us are curious about an indian escort and their services, because it is one of the hottest topics on the internet. Thousands of articles are published every day on this topic but they are unable to provide you with the right information about the industry, so to help you we have made a conversation with hot escorts girls, and here are 5 answers she explains about their lives.

Who is the Escort service Provider?

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5 Question answered by Delhi Female Escort -

As I have already told you, the escort service in India is becoming a hot topic among modern men as most of them are trying to learn a lot about it. So we conducted an Interview with Delhi call girls and asked questions that each man wanted to know and here are the answers.

Question 1: Can you tell us how you become an escort and what your family thinks about it?

Answer: My journey To become an indian escorts begins when I can not get the amount of money I needed from my previous job. I first searched about the best way of making money and came to know about this industry while looking for new ways. This field surprised me so much that I started my career in it without caring about others. Coming to my parents, they still don’t know about my work that i become a delhi ki sexy escort .

Question 2: What types of Clients do you have?

Ans: Usually, different types of clients have taken over my service, but when I categorize it, most of the time my escort services are taken over by young boys, business owners, married men, and people who want to relax in their busy organized lives. Most of them are my regular clients who taken my call girl numbar and hire me regularly.

Question 3: How often do you charge a client?

Ans: To be honest, the cost of my escort services depends on a number of factors. Basically I charge customers for the service and time I spend with them. My home appliances are a little cheaper than foreign ones as I also cover my travel expenses with my own expenses. My basic cost of girls sex can vary from 8000 to 40000 per meeting.

Question 4: How Can Legalizing of your services Help You?

Ans: Legalizing prostitution is very necessary as if two people are meeting, they are going to have dinner, and sex with girl is absolutely legal, but if the escort girls do the same it is considered completely illegal. As a result of this escort name we have not received enough respect from the community and every day we are losing customers. By legalizing our work will help us earn more money with our escort service and help us make a good living.

Question 5: How do people hire you?

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These are 5 questions that an escort woman answered about their hot girl sex services in Delhi.
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How can you take an escort service in any Indian city?

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Conclusion -

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2020.11.26 09:48 Marinepro01 Professional Marines At Your Service In Florida

Have you been looking to find experts for the maintenance of your boat or yacht? Are you finding that the usual places don’t have enough services to provide all of your AV needs? Well, there are plenty of experienced marines ready to offer you what you need. They are well equipped and will help with whatever you may need for the maintenance of your boat. Marine AV is quite difficult to implement as the equipment and technology need to be on par with the client’s needs. Why would you spend money on something that’s not delivering what was promised? In Florida, there are marines who can give excellent AV as required. Their expertise is broad and so are their services.
The Connected Yacht
The system proves to work incredibly well in informing and updating you on all of the information/details of your boat regardless of where you are. It is an entirely customizable system that utilizes all up-to-date technology. Such as:
Marine AudioThe sound systems are of the highest quality and are customized to provide you with the best sound experience available. A high-quality stereo system is to be preferred for marine audio as the preference of many boaters is to be able to listen outside despite barriers such as the sound of waves or engines. So, you are always given the best products to ensure maximum performance. Such as:
Marine Video HD satellite signal on a yacht was not possible but until recently. These professionals will install TV satellite antennas in order to receive HD signals. The DVR system also works just as smoothly on board as it would at home. So now you can watch everything in HD and enjoy clear uninterrupted entertainment.
Through services and products like these, marine professionals in Florida will provide you with the best marine AV available. You’ll be amazed at the quality and how much easier the management and maintenance of yachting has become. They will find what suits your boat the best and implement the same. Well trained and responsive service technicians and maintenance crew will be at your service.
If you are looking for similar coverage, connect with Marine Professionals Incorporated who are dedicated to providing the best service available.
Scott Joshua is the author of this Article: To know more about Marine AV Please visit the website:
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2020.11.26 09:11 InternetFreedomIn As internet restrictions in J&K cross 480 days, we await SC judgement #KeepUsOnline

As internet restrictions in J&K cross 480 days, we await SC judgement #KeepUsOnline


Today i.e. 26 November 2020, the Jammu & Kashmir Government is expected to issue another order under the Temporary Telecom Suspension Rules 2017 either extending or modifying internet restrictions in the region which have already crossed 480 days. After successive rounds of litigation before the Supreme Court, 4G mobile internet access was restored in 2 out of 20 districts of Jammu & Kashmir on 16 August 2020 but there has been no further relaxation of restrictions since then. Meanwhile, non-publication of orders issued by the Review Committee and the Special Committee remains a problem in Jammu & Kashmir which must be decided by the Supreme Court to ensure independent application of mind by these bodies and implementation of their recommendations.


Today, the Jammu & Kashmir Government is expected to issue another order under the Temporary Telecom Suspension Rules 2017 either extending or modifying the internet restrictions imposed in the region. All communication services were first snapped on 05 August 2019, and so far, 4G mobile internet access has only been restored in 2 districts of Jammu & Kashmir, which are Ganderbal and Udhampur. In the remaining 18 districts, mobile internet speed is still being slowed down to 2G which is insufficient to support most modern websites and applications. Due to slow internet speed, the residents of Jammu & Kashmir have been unable to access online education, telemedicine and work from home facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The internet restrictions in Jammu & Kashmir have been the subject of successive rounds of litigation, with the most recent being the contempt petition and application for directions filed by the Foundation for Media Professionals (FMP) earlier this year. On 11 May 2020, the Supreme Court had constituted a Special Committee comprising (i) Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, (ii) Secretary, Department of Telecommunications, and (iii) Chief Secretary, Government of Jammu & Kashmir to immediately review the 4G mobile internet ban. Since there was no information available in the public domain about the functioning of the Special Committee, FMP was constrained to file a contempt petition before the Supreme Court again on 09 June 2020.
During the course of hearings in the contempt petition, the government revealed that the Special Committee had held two meetings since its constitution on 15 May 2020 and 10 June 2020, and it had decided to defer the issue for two months since the security situation was allegedly not conducive to relaxation of internet restrictions. On 11 August 2020, the government stated that the Special Committee held its third meeting on 10 August 2020 where it found that the threat perception in Jammu & Kashmir continues to be high and that internet speed restrictions did not have any impact on COVID-19 control measures, education or business. However, the Special Committee agreed that 4G mobile internet can be restored in select low risk areas. This recommendation was put into effect by the Jammu & Kashmir Government on 16 August 2020 when it restored 4G mobile internet access in one district of Kashmir and one district of Jammu each.

Pending Supreme Court judgement

The contempt petition filed by FMP was disposed off by the Supreme Court on 11 August 2020 after the Union Government provided information about the meetings of the Special Committee and agreed to staggered 4G restoration in low risk areas. However, the application for directions filed by FMP was kept pending since it highlighted unresolved problems about non-publication of orders issued by the Review Committee and the Special Committee and lack of periodic review.
In its written reply filed on 25 August 2020, the Union Government has claimed that there exists no legal obligation to publish orders issued by the Review Committee and the Special Committee, and publication is necessary only for orders issued by the Home Secretary. In its rejoinder submissions, FMP has asserted that an obligation to publish orders issued by the Review Committee and the Special Committee flows from Articles 14, 19 and 21 of the Constitution. The rejoinder submissions were filed by FMP on 13 October 2020 and we are still awaiting the judgement of the Supreme Court on the issue of publication of orders issued by the Review Committee and the Special Committee.
In the meanwhile, the Special Committee was also supposed to examine the outcome of trial restoration of 4G mobile internet access in Ganderbal and Udhampur after two months as per the additional affidavit filed by the Union Government. Since 4G mobile internet was restored in these districts on 16 August 2020, the Special Committee should have held another meeting on or before 16 October 2020 but no information is available in the public domain about when such a meeting was held and whether any further relaxation of internet restrictions was recommended. The orders issued by the Home Secretary of Jammu & Kashmir Government on 21 October 2020 and 12 November 2020 reference a meeting of the Special Committee but they don't provide more specific information.

Why is publication of review orders necessary?

(i) Implementation
The process of review by the Review Committee and the Special Committee is intended to serve as a robust procedural safeguard against arbitrary and disproportionate use of internet shutdowns. However, without disclosure of the recommendations issued by the Review Committee and the Special Committee, it is impossible for the general public to obtain any information about the outcome of these review processes and whether their recommendations are actually being implemented.
Concerns exist about implementation of the recommendations of the Review Committee and the Special Committee because these bodies performs an advisory role and its findings are not binding in nature. Publication of recommendations of the Review Committee and the Special Committee is the only way to determine if their findings are being implemented, and such bare minimum transparency is necessary to enable aggrieved individuals to seek judicial remedy if their findings are being disregarded. The existence of two separate committees entrusted with the same function of reviewing internet restrictions in Jammu & Kashmir makes disclosure of recommendations even more important because otherwise, it is impossible for the public to know whether the findings of the two committees were consistent with each other and what were the reasons for disagreement, if any.
(ii) Independent application of mind
The Union Government has claimed that publication of orders of the Review Committee is not necessary since it is not a “new statutory order or directions” under the Temporary Telecom Suspension Rules 2017. However, the order issued by the Review Committee cannot be considered a mere extension of the order issued by the Home Secretary since such an interpretation would negate the Review Committee’s role as an oversight body which is expected to independently apply its mind to the facts underlying suspension orders.
Under Rule 2(6) of the Temporary Telecom Suspension Rules 2017, the Review Committee is required to determine if the prevailing situation in an area satisfies the requirements of Section 5(2) of the Telegraph Act, which can be invoked only on the occurrence of a public emergency or in the interest of public safety. In order to arrive at this determination, the Review Committee presumably evaluates all relevant material including but not limited to district wise figures of terrorism related incidents, latest information about the impact of internet restrictions and any changes in threat levels between the issuance of the suspension order and the date of review.
The examination of such material by the Review Committee is essential since the Supreme Court has unequivocally held that the geographical and temporal scope of internet restrictions must be narrowly tailored to what is absolutely necessary to combat an emergent situation. Therefore, if the Review Committee is functioning in accordance with the letter and spirit of the Supreme Court's directions, its orders will provide additional facts and reasoning, and they cannot be considered a mere repetition of the contents of the suspension order issued by the Home Secretary.
We are closely monitoring the internet restrictions in J&K and we assure you that we will explore all legal avenues available to improve the status quo for internet users in the region. We urge you to support our work by funding us! Make a donation today at
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2020.11.26 04:24 CoronavirusAU_MOD SA reports 2 new local and 0 new overseas cases today.

New cases reported in the last 24 hours:

2 new local cases were reported:
Some additional notes from today's presser:

Cases to date

Last 24 hours TOTAL
Confirmed cases 557
Active 38
Recovered 513
Deaths 4
Test results received* 692,506
Hospital 1
* Across private and public laboratories

Active cases breakdown

Last 24 hours TOTAL
Active cases 2 40
Overseas acquired - 10
Close contact 2 31
Locally acquired (contact unknown) - 0
Interstate acquired - 0
Under investigation (in quarantine) - 0

Parafield cluster

Total cases linked to cluster 31
New cases linked to cluster today
Cases in hospital 1
Approximate number of contacts in quarantine 4,300


Site Suburb Last 24 hours Known TOTAL Reported
Calvary Adelaide Hospital Adelaide - 1 (patient) Nov: 17

Aged care outbreaks

Facility name LGA Suburb Total cases Total staff Total residents Total other Deaths Reported
AngicareSA City of Charles Sturt Brompton 4 4 0 0 0 Nov: 20, 17, 16

Affected educational institutions in the last 14 days

Name Suburb LGA Notes Reported
Woodville High School St Clair City of Charles Sturt Student attended school on 23rd November Nov: 25
Flinders University - Sturt Campus Bedford Park City of Mitcham/City of Marion Person who has tested positive has attended the IELI Intensive English Language Institute on Sturt Campus in recent days. Nov: 17
Mt Carmel College Rosewater City of Port Adelaide Enfield Nov: 17
Roma Mitchell Secondary College Gepps Cross City of Port Adelaide Enfield Confirmed case in a secondary student. Roma Mitchell Secondary College will be closed to all services until at least Monday 30 November. Nov: 17
Holy Family Catholic School Parafield Gardens City of Salisbury Nov: 16
Thomas More College Salisbury Downs City of Salisbury Confirmed case in a Year 8 student. Nov: 16
Mawson Lakes School and Preschool Mawson Lakes City of Salisbury Closed as a precaution, no confirmed cases at this point. Nov: 15

Helpful Information & Links:

Interstate borders:
For information about interstate borders, please see the links below:
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2020.11.26 04:20 TheAngryTurtle Will Pay Generously for Calculus 2 Proctored Final Exam Help

My plan is to write the exam in a Virtual Machine while having a Google hangouts call with two-way screen sharing open on my actual computer, allowing you to see the exam questions in the virtual monitor window, then complete the questions and show me the answers via screen sharing (or possibly some other method). Total time required of you would be 3.5 hours, 3 hours for the exam and half an hour prior to set up and make sure everything is running smoothly.
As I said in the title, I am willing to pay very generously for this service if I am able to find somebody who has excellent knowledge of Calculus 2 and would be able to complete the questions relatively quickly (bonus if you can provide some sort of proof of your abilities) and has very stable internet connection and willing/able to set aside 3.5 hours for this service on the exact date/time specified (it will be a weekday in mid December from 10:30am-2pm EST, exact date withheld). Bonus points if you are able to provide some sort of verifiable proof that you have provided a service like this before and are reliable.
If interested, please contact me via email at [email protected] or on Discord at sasante#1251
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2020.11.26 01:09 500scnds [Table] Iama guy who has been living alone in an abandoned ‘ghost town’ for over 6 months. I bought the town just over two years ago. AMA! (pt 3/3 FINAL)

Source Previous table
Questions Answers
I subscribe to your YouTube channel! Are you still seeing that one ghost? Have you gone back into that building? I completely redid that building because it creeped me out too much. It had dark carpet, dark walls, lace curtains. I ripped out the carpet, left it wood floors, painted the walls white, took out the curtains. Feels better in there, but I still don't really like being in there.
You mentioned opening it up for short time stays, would you market by leaning into the supernatural elements? Staying in a ghost town sounds perfect in my opinion. If you are a believer, then the history will make it exciting. If you are not a believer, then the absolute stillness sounds pleasantly perfect. I don't think we'll lean into it, but not lean away from it either. I won't have 'ghost tours' or anything like that, but if people want to come and look for ghosts, that's their issue. Cerro Gordo's history is what it is. It's very public. Some are 100% convinced there is paranormal history here, some think that's bogus. I don't want to push one way or the other. People can do what they want once here...
the below is a reply to the above
I understand that. Not trying to tell you anything to do with your work but I really would think about marketing to some. At least think about a Halloween/October takeover that leans into it for a few weeks. If your ROI increases from some small adjustments to the town, it couldn't hurt. But you also may have zero interest in actually turning a profit, which is equally acceptable as it is your town. Prior marketing manager here so hard to turn off the ideas. Great work with the town so far! totally! Around certain holidays it would definitely be fun. I just don't want to use it as a crutch, you know? Some towns lean on that so much. I think Cerro Gordo is much bigger than just that one element, so don't want to be known for JUST that...
Hey! I was watching your 6 month update last night. Heck of a coincidence. I love your work. The trickle supply for the water out of the mine probably needs a tank somewhere, are you storing it further up the mountain? Or is it just trickle straight into the town? Thanks for checking it out! I have a few tanks. Two 2,500 gallon tanks a bit above town. That is where water is flowing right now. Then there is two 500 gallon tanks that sort of backup those two 2,500 gallon tanks. The water comes around 400 gallons per day. Although it stopped yesterday weirdly. So we're going back down this coming week to see why.
the below is a reply to the above
Is it possible to rig up a cistern to catch rainwatesnow? Maybe some way to melt the snow, to supplement your water supply from underground and give you a backup in case of emergencies? My grandparents lived on Grand Cayman for a few years and they used a cistern for laundry and the like. I've been going over different options along these lines. There are some weird regulations about capturing water around here, but I think we may be able to do some variation of that long term.
the below is a reply to the above
Good luck!! I look forward to seeing what you do with Cerro Gordo and how you solve these problems :) Thank you!
I just watched the 6 month update video on YT, and I think the only time I got nervous for you was when you were sitting on that cart and it started to shift! How are you preparing for this winter after spending the end of last years in the town? A lot of ways. That first winter was all new to me. I grew up in Florida and lived in Texas. My truck was 2WD with street tires.
I have already stocked up on wood, slowly stocking up on food, and have a 4WD Tacoma with chains ready.
I'm sure I'll learn a lot this winter too, but I'm in a much better place than last year...
I think I may be too late to the party. But I’m a unique age that allowed me to remember your first ama on here, and then also happened to follow the sam and Colby videos when they came to visit. I was like no way I know this place! I was so sorry to hear about the hotel. How was it working with Sam and Colby? Did their videos help raise some funds towards rebuilding the hotel? Was it interesting to host the group there when you’re usually more of a lone wolf? Sam & Colby are great. Really nice guys. We've stayed in touch. Their fans are amazing and really helped towards rebuilding the hotel. I hope S&C come back for the opening party!
As the owner of the town, can you just change the name? Or is there some kind of process that needs approval? I probably could, but I like the name, also the history of the town is why it's interesting to me, so I'd like to keep it the same...
Do you get many people drop by out of the blue? When it's good weather, yeah. It's a weird situation because the town is technically 'closed' because of the pandemic and I'm trying to do work on the town.
So if I'm in a remote part of the town and someone shows up to main area, it's weird to come back and find people basically waiting/looking around your house.
My email is public and there is a sign with a phone number at bottom of hill. I just wish people would arrange visits ahead of time...
the below is a reply to the above
I guess Cerro Gordo Rd that runs through town is still a public easement, and you can't put up a gate? Technically a 'utility road' because DWP/ATT/FAA use it to access stuff.
the below is a reply to the above
Ouch. No chance of getting it vacated then. Although it's probably less likely you'll get trapped for long by a rockslide or something. Congrats on living the dream, dude. I used to travel a ton around NM and southern CO when I lived in Texas, and always fantasized about buying something way abandoned, way out in the desert. Thanks for helping preserve a critical part of our history that many people overlook. Appreciate that!
Weren't you like trapped there last winter? Lol anyway are you gonna get that place up and running soon? I sure was. Not this winter! I'm much more prepared this time around.
I hope to have people coming to stay overnight by this time next year (pandemic allowing)...
the below is a reply to the above
I for sure wanna go when you have it running! I remember that you got sick while trapped right? I'm so happy to hear you made it out and back in ok!!! I can't wait for you to open up. I'm not too far away (a couple states over). Better now! I had a few rounds of appendicitis. A few rounds because first time they treated it just with antibiotics because of pandemic. Then it came back again and I had to have surgery to get it removed. Not a lot of fun, but better now!
Have you thought about busting out a metal detector? I did a few weeks ago and found these badass Chinese coins. I need to use it more but there is so much scrap metal/nails around it is hard to find just the good stuff...
[deleted] Damn, that is one good username...
Hi Brent - just started following you and the Cerro Gordo account on IG! You’ve said that the approach increases 6,000 feet in elevation in 7 miles. What’s it like driving up? I imagine it’s 7 miles of razor sharp switchbacks? What speed do you take it? You’re 32 - do you see yourself dating in the future? Last question: have you watched Schitt’s Creek? The road can be intimidating at first (and especially at night) but I'm used to it now. I've done it a bunch that now I just get to enjoy the view. At first I was so focused on road I couldn't see anything else haha. I used to go around 10MPH all the way up. Now I hover around 20 if I'm in my truck and maybe up to 30MPH if I'm in my Polaris side-by-side...
Need a brewery? Always. I thought the 'hoist house' could be a cool brewery one day.
Can I come visit? Let's let the pandemic die down a bit, then sure! why not
How do you cope with the isolation so well? Do you meditate or anything like that? Long walks. Introvert.
How do you know the silver there is really played out? That's what I've been told and fancy companies determined, but I hold out hope. You could be a few inches away from the vein and not know it. One day, maybe...
Hey I've seen your YouTube videos before! Any more ghost stories? I remember you telling one about seeing a little kid in a bunk house I believe. None as concerning to me as the bunkhouse story. I still don't like going in that building.
The other one recently involved my wallet. I came back from town one day and put it inside on top of some laundry I had just done. I came back in, and the wallet wasn't there. It wasn't ANYWHERE. To the point where I had to order new cards such. Then, months later, I brought in laundry, and my wallet was back on top of this new stack. So some mischief for sure being played...
This might be a dumb question but since you put 1.4m into it, how are you still making money to buy food and stuff while running ghost town? I have a 'day job' that luckily I can do from my computer.
How do you go on about getting basic necessities like toilet paper, food, etc.. I guess, what I'm asking is, how close is the nearest Walmart? Nearest walmart is maybe 2 hours away? 2.5 maybe? I usually get supplies every 2 weeks or so in a town called "Lone Pine" which is just over an hour from the town. The store is small and variety is limited, but gets the job done
the below is a reply to the above
Can you get things delivered? I can’t see a UPS truck or a USPS mail cart making it anywhere near the town. And how is that handled if you decided to move there permanently? Do you have a registered address? How would you handle any 911 type situations? I can't. My PO Box is in Lone Pine. About an hour or so drive each way. I think that's my only option. I have to go there when I get groceries and pick up whatever is there...
911 is tough. A 7 mile steep dirt road isn't easy. Maybe helicopter if situation is bad enough?
the below is a reply to the above
Obviously there’s heaps liability having this awesome destination with potential hazards (old mines, etc.).. on one hand I’d think the state and/or federal government would have to extend basic emergency services to the town, but since you own the whole town they may not have to actually offer any support. Do you know what the situation will be? Have you started any conversations about this with any government offices about what will be available once you’re commercially operating and open to the public? With the BLM and the FAA having interests close to your town, it seems feasible that the govt at least has the capacity to get to where you are regularly. This just signs interesting as hell, I can’t wait to go watch all of your videos! FAA will theoretically clear the road in the winter if I call in the favor. It isn't a set rule, but I'm supposed to look after their stuff a bit when they're not here, and they help when they can. That type of relationship for now. But I do know people at both BLM and FAA and probably should have convos around when we're fully open...
the below is a reply to the above
As a fellow Texan I’d never been too keen on going back to Cali.. but your town has changed that. I’d love to road trip over with my husband and check your town out once you’re up and running. I’ll be following this over the next year or so and look forward to having the opportunity to eventually make it happen! Thanks for checking it out! Come on out
the below is a reply to the original answer
I love lone pine and would love to come say hi one day Lone Pine is the best! Is that where you live?
Is this your website? Correct
At what point will you start dressing up as the Miner Forty-Niner and scaring teenagers who drive through the town? Who's to say I don't already...
Oh wow I discovered your channel not too long ago, what was your main driving motive for all of this? Seems like an impossible project personally Gotta also ask, how are the kittens doing? Kittens are good! Eating soft food now, which makes my life easier haha.
The drive has changed over time. When I started, I think I was looking for a cool hospitality project. Now being here so much and learning all the history, there is this overwhelming sense of responsibility. Of duty. That I HAVE to get this town to a place where more people can experience it, and leave it for generations to come. Probably going a bit nuts
Do you live there by yourself? If not, what do others do? I'm here by myself. Some people visit occasionally to help work on town, but nobody else lives here full time.
I remember when you first posted about this. So glad you've kept it up. What has been the biggest surprise you've learned about yourself during the time you've spent in your town during quarantine? Hmmm. I think I've learned to slow down. I used to rush rush rush. Mainly to avoid doing important things or sitting with certain ideas. Now I'm comfortable just sitting in a chair looking at the mountain for an hour. And not being anxious that I need to be doing something else...
[deleted] I think it's slowed me down a lot. I used to run around doing all sorts of tasks that seemed so important. But they were just distracting from things I didn't want to sit with or think about or act on. I don't get those distractions here. It clarifies things for me...
What kind of camping is available in the area? There is surrounding BLM land in the area that is available for camping. I hope one day on the back of our property to offer camping options, but for now it would be too much to manage
I follow you on tiktok! One question that bugs me sorry if you've already answered is what can you do about all that unstable dynamite, is there not a way to get a bomb disposal or similar? I just leave it there. Not worth the hassle to try to remove and I'm the only one going in most these mines, so I keep a metal record of where it is...
Hey! Love the YouTube channel! found it a few weeks ago. Curious, have you slept in the mine lounge yet? I am sure you've answered this already. Thanks for sharing with us! Hope to visit some day. Take care mate! I haven't slept in the lounge, but I did sleep in the mine the other night. That's actually what my next video is about.
I took the hoist down into the main Union Mine and had them take up the hoist so I had to be down there from around 6pm-8am. It was QUITE the experience...
I’ve seen a few comments mentioning internet access, and your mention of the ATT hot spot that does the trick for you. Do you intend to maintain the atmosphere of a relatively internet free setting, or do you intend to bring in WiFi for visitors? You stated you want people to come see the town and experience the history, and I feel some of our modern comforts would greatly detract from that, especially WiFi. It also brings me to Edward Abbey -esque thoughts on paving the dirt roads that lead to special places in the desert (don’t do it) I'd never pave our dirt road. It's difficult, but it needs to be difficult. It takes a long time, but during that time you build anticipation. And RIGHT when you want to say 'fuck it' and turn around, the town reveals itself to you, and it takes your breath away. Then you feel like you've 'earned' the stay in a weird way. And you don't want to leave.
In terms of WIFI, I don't want super fast wifi. Something so people can communicate with world if they need to, but we're not a co-working space.
Have you met any famous people? Jeff Goldblum came to film something here. That was pretty cool. He's really nice. I guess that counts?
the below is a reply to the above
Oh wow, that counts, what did he film? An episode of his show "World According to Jeff Goldblum" - it was about denim.
Hi! Just watched a couple of your videos - so cool. I love that you're filming all this! I gotta ask if you've got names for all the goats and kittens yet? I know you mentioned a couple names but not 11 names! :) OK! Here it goes. Goats - Tofu, Beretta, Bubba, Elon, Senorita Juanita.
Kittens - Gordo. The rest are still unnamed. Any suggestions?
the below is a reply to the above
Reading through your other comments, Levi has to be one of their names for sure.. Excellent call!! I like that.
[deleted] The town has a very rich history. Biggest producer of silver in California, more gunfights that could be recorded, 'ghosts', hidden treasure, everything.
I never get bored here...
Do you experience any form of corporeal inequality or tension between you and the remaining ghost populace? I imagine living in a ghost town would give you a comprehensive insight into ghost culture and society, are they actively trying to involve you in the community or are they giving you the silent treatment? I know where they like to hang out. They know where I hang out. We respect each other's space
Have you thought of getting amateur astronomers up there to take some pics of the sky? It would be an awesome place to go for a weekend to get the stars. Stars are amazing. This winter that became my obsession - long exposure photos. I'd never taken any in my life but this place is prime for them. I've really enjoyed it.
I've watched hours of your youtube channel man you are so good at it! Fascinating story. I do think you are fuckin mental wondering around by yourself up there. On that note when you are exploring mines are you careful about gas build up? I've watched other exploration videos and sometimes they have a little device that alerts to harmful gases, which you might not be able to smell. Wow, thanks for checking them out! I'm glad you like them. I bring a 4-gas monitor with me into the mines
What a coincidence! I've been getting your vids in my recommeded for weeks and decided to give in yesterday, and now you show up on the front page of reddit. Nice. I absolutely love this kind of project. Maybe because I basically grew up in one myself, my parents bought a 19th-century french textile factory and we've been renovating it for the past 20 years to receive guests in it. Do your long-term plans include rebuilding some of the old buildings that weren't there? Some of the missing 478? Also, with tourism likely to increase, how are you planning on keeping it authentic? Definitely want to rebuild some buildings lost. I have a photo from 1890s that shows a TON of buildings that aren't here anymore. However, given the buildings that are here, I can piece together where they should be...
Hey Brent, I've been following your journey for a few weeks now, just want to let you know how much I enjoy your videos! It's obvious you put a lot of time and care into the content that you edit and release. I know you just got the kittens - have you considered getting a dog as well? Thank you for watching! It definitely takes a long time for each video. That isn't my background. I'd never made a video before April, so it's all new and I'm slow. But I enjoy it
How much of the original hotel that burned are you able to salvage? was anything found in the ashes that could be incorporated to the rebuild? How are you planning on getting water for the resort? Do you wear an oxygen mask when you go down into the mines? When do you expect people will be able to come and stay at Cerro Gordo as a resort? Thanks for the AMA! I don't think resort is the route we'll take anymore. It doesn't fit the place. It also isn't the type of place I like to stay. I think it will be more like a lodge or a bed/breakfast. I think it fits the vibe here much better.
We'll have to truck up water for now, unless we find a different solution.
Not much of the hotel was left, but some original floorboards will be incorporated into the new floor
Might be too late and have missed you, but i love the YT channel, thanks for sharing such great videos. My question: how's the feeling of freedom there? Do you ever just divert from what you were planning on doing, and...decide to walk/drive in a different direction and see what you see? I feel like that would be an amazing feeling. Totally. Almost everyday. I almost plan on getting 'lost' in the late afternoon.
I'll set out with a plan. See something interesting along the way. Hike there. See something else interesting. Hike there. See something interesting. Repeat that for a long time and get 'lost'
It is an amazing feeling for sure.
(the below has been split into two, enumerated
I just watched a bunch of the videos. Two questions: 1. When you were exploring the mine where 30 people had died, where you a bit worried (or perhaps anticipating) to find them? They died in a collapse. Meaning dirt and rock fell on them in such amounts that others couldn't rescue them. So I don't think it's likely we'd stumble upon them. They'd still be under the collapse
Here is an article that mentions the collapse:
"Cerro Gordo’s deadliest mine disaster struck in the early 1870s when a cave-in killed at least eight and as many as 35 Chinese miners. They were mining in limestone below the 200-foot level and failed to shore up the tunnel with timber, former Cerro Gordo mining foreman Fred Fisher told a Times reporter in 1950. Their bodies were never recovered."
2. Also, why are the mines full of jeans? Would people just run around butt naked when their jeans got teared? I've heard a few theories. First, they sh*t their pants and left them back there. Next, they had a pair of work pants and a pair of everyday pants and changed once they got there. Next, the pants were expensive and belonged to the mine not the miner so they stayed at the mine. Next, they ripped and they threw them in trash heaps back in the mine
Have you elected yourself mayor yet? Just for the heck of it. And do you allow tourists? Just now. Mayor Brent! Elected. Unanimously from all parties present :)
What’s the coolest thing you’ve dug up? I found some Chinese coins that are apparently 300 years old or so. I found some pocket-watches, old pants, dynamite boxes. All sorts of crazy stuff. Here is photos of some
Most of the tunnels (you use another term, I forget it now) look like walking while standing up straight might be an issue. How high is the ceiling in the easier to get to places? and how wide? I was watching the 'Most Dangerous' video so not thinking about that so much, but the places people might normally explore. It can be annoying. I'm 6'2" tall, so I have to hunch over in a lot of the mines. Hours of hunching over doesn't feel so good the next day! But I think it's worth it (obviously)...
What is your water access like there? You must have wells. No water! It's an ongoing issue, but I'm working on it...
What kind of temperature variation do you see at that altitude right next to Death Valley? And how are the night skies? I don't imagine you have much light pollution. So the other day it was 130 in Death Valley. A World Record I think. The Weather Channel somehow called me to ask how it was living in such inhospitable conditions. But when they called it was maybe 85 or 90 here. So I had to tell them I wasn't really in any danger.
The fact the town is at 8,500 ft really helps. It's crazy the difference, especially considering how close we are to Death Valley. The property is only 7 miles from the park's border...
Can you see Mt Whitney across the valley from Cerro Gordo Peak area or is it obscured? Yup! You can see Mt Whitney from almost all the buildings. Well, the wildfire smoke is impacting it right now, but usually. Also if you hike to the other side of the property, you have full views of Death Valley. An interesting high/low experience.
I know how to brew beer. Your town seems to be missing a brewery. Trade you brewing lessons for a stay? I'm listening...
Hello! What do you hate the most about living in the ghost town? Hmmm. I really think the positives outweigh the negatives, but lack of access to fresh vegetables and fruit is something that comes to mind. I miss my blackberries and spinach...
That video where the bar burnt down was super brutal. Were you able to salvage anything? Some things, but not that much.
The only 'silver lining' (outside the fact nobody was hurt), is that the icehouse next to the hotel was the original dump location for the hotel. So nobody has been under there in nearly 140 years. There are a lot of artifacts I hope to put in the new hotel that would have never been recovered otherwise...
the below is a reply to the above
Do you think any of the metal items may be intact enough to be restored (eg. the stove, range etc)? I'm hoping the wood burning stove from the common area, as well as the cast iron stove from the kitchen. Both took a good beating, but I'm certainly going to try. Would really tie the place back together...
Have you met the people from Ghost Adventures? Yeah! Zack and crew came out and filmed here. I didn't interact with them much, but I was here when they were filming...
After reading resortdude's excellent advice and industry insight, it occurred to me that there is a flaw in his thinking: He is thinking like a resort operator. A resort operator is in the business of supplying luxury, convenience, and serving the whims of picky patrons. However, your enterprise doesn't have follow that path: In fact, it probably shouldn't. I believe you are targetting a very different, almost opposite market: What you have to offer is an authentic frontier-style experience. And that experience is far from luxurious! It's closer to camping. I wonder if a camping operator has to adhere to the same requirements as a luxury resort operator? I imagine you'd be leaning away from modern sewage systems, and toward long-drop toilets. Surely those are still legal? And rather than feeding your guests chef-made three-course-meals, you'd be feeding them baked beans, cowboy style. And who needs propane when you're cooking everything over an open fire! Or, if you want relative luxury, you could serve modern, military-style MREs. The one thing you can't escape though is the need for a large water supply. Also, I believe fire-suppression systems are not required in single-storey buildings below a certain size, provided they have multiple exits. Anyway, just some ideas. I may be way off-base, but I still think you should check out the regulations for outdoor camping operators, and see if they differ from those of luxury resort operators. Good luck! I hope to come and visit if ever I'm in the USA ; ) I think you're right. For a while we were considering a more 'resort' type thing. But it seems crazy now after being here. It will be closer to a lodge type atmosphere..
I followed you on Youtube recently and I'm a huge fan! Are you ever scared of finding a human skull in the mines? How high is the probability of finding one? Thanks for watching! I don't think it's too high of probability. If someone died back there, they probably died being collapsed by rock/dirt, so I wouldn't find their remains. If they didn't die in a collapsed, there probably was somebody with them to take them out. I can only see someone getting into some bad gas and passing out and nobody knowing where they were as an option to find someone...
Can I come up on the weekend and you can put me and my son to work? We’d bring our own tent and food etc. It would be a good trade. We get a weekend in the mountains and you get some extra hands. Shoot me an email! [email protected]
Youtube suggested me your videos and I liked them. Have you ever been in a situation of danger while exploring a mine ? Btw I have been very sad when your hotel burned down :( It was such a beautiful building. Good luck tho The closest to real danger I've had in the mines (that I'm aware of) was 2 times: 1) Early on, I wasn't paying enough attention and stepped on a board that cracked over a bit pit. Luckily not all my weight was on it and I corrected before falling. It taught me a big lesson about boards and pits. 2) recently I explored a collapsed level of the mine (the 200 level if you saw the video) getting in and out of that was really sketchy because the roof keep collapsing big rocks when trying to get out...
How's the local McDonalds? haha, far away! There is one in the town of Lone Pine. But that's about an hour away if you factor in the dirt road
I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube for a couple months now. I’ve always wondered, when you go down into the mines, (especially the recent video of the 200 level) how do you keep track of what passages you’ve gone into? Have you ever gotten lost? Thanks for watching! I haven't gotten really lost yet. I usually use a marker. For instance I'll follow the cart track if there is still track and if I leave the track, I'll leave something where I left the track. That way, I just find my way back to the track. Not a perfect system, but works for me
I follow you on tiktok! Have you found any denim yet? And also has any old dynamite gone off down there? Lastly, what is the weirdest thing you have found down there? I've found some denim, but not THE denim. As in, not Levi's jeans yet. No dynamite has gone off yet, or I wouldn't be typing this...
the below is a reply to the above
The denim is in the cribbing! My friend and his mining partner discovered the oldest blouse known to exist and sold it to the Levi’s company. He had to free climb up the cribbing (stacked waist rock wall) about 80-100 feet. He saw a glimpse of blue from his light and reached his hand between the rocks. Pulled out the blouse but one of the sleeves ripped off. They sold it for a lot of money. Best of luck! Damn, getting this type of tip at this time of night. I feel like I need to abandoned this and get into the mines ASAP
Wait didn’t you show up on Sam & Colby? Indeed. They came out and explored. I like those guys
I was watching your video where you and a friend (I assume?) were exploring a certain floor of a mine that had collapsed where 4 miners died I believe you said. The entrance had collapsed but you found another way in? Where are those dead miners? Were they on the floor you managed to enter? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if you could find them? I remember you said you will make sure nobody ever goes there again after you visited it The 200 level of the mine. It was probably closer to 30 miners. They died in a collapse, meaning under a bunch of rock and dirt. So I don't think we'd see the bodies. When the accident happened a lot of people tried to rescue them but couldn't, so I don't really want to go digging around to disturb them.
Here is an article that mentions it:
"Cerro Gordo’s deadliest mine disaster struck in the early 1870s when a cave-in killed at least eight and as many as 35 Chinese miners. They were mining in limestone below the 200-foot level and failed to shore up the tunnel with timber, former Cerro Gordo mining foreman Fred Fisher told a Times reporter in 1950. Their bodies were never recovered."
How are the goats doing? Love your videos! Goats are good! They're getting bigger and expanding their territory around the town. I'd like to train them to free roam and come back to a bell or something. But haven't nailed that yet...
Doubt he's still here but perhaps someone else can answer this: What is the legality regarding appointing yourself mayor, writing your own town constitution that allows you to hold the offices of mayor, secretary, etc etc, at the same time, and then create city wide ordinances that are favorable to your life style? You know? I'm still here! Where am I going? Not too much else going on Sunday in a ghost town haha. I think the county still has some jurisdiction over a lot of that, but I could try. I've also watched a documentary on 'sovereign nations' where they basically declare themselves their own nation within a different country. But you raise a good point and one I should look into more.
Do you ever hope to make money out of this town? i.e. maybe the bare minimum you'll need to survive? Or are you looking to live completely without money at some point (from the land etc.)? I hope eventually the town covers it's own expenses (and mine). But I didn't get into this to make tons of money.
Was your town ever on the show ghost adventures? If so do you think it’s haunted? It was! I actually sleep in the room they think is haunted by two children ghosts.
I don't think it's 'haunted'. Is there spirits or paranormal activity? Maybe. But if so, I think they're more curious than anything...
This is great! Good for you! I remember seeing this for sale at one point. Questions ( sorry if they have already been asked)... 1. Does Amazon deliver there/do you get mail? 2. What kind of wildlife is out there ( lizards? Snakes?) 3. Are you finding lots of photos to guide your restoration? Again...I’m so glad someone bought it who is interested in restoring it. I’m going to check out your videos. 1. No! I have a PO box in Lone Pine, which is a little over an hour away. 2. Bobcats, rabbits, birds. Not too many snakes because of elevation. 3. Yes, luckily there are quite a few photos of the town at its peak
How do the stars look at night? Insane. You can see the Milky Way, almsot every star.
This doesn't do it justice, but is a photo I took this winter...
Brent, huge fan and I’ve watched all the YouTube videos and can’t wait to see Cerro Gordo with my own eyes one day! What are your plans for exploring the mine? I saw you explored the 200 level but are there any other spots in the mine that people have not seen since the mine was active? Awesome, thank you for watching! There are a few areas that have been closed off for a long time. The one that is most interesting to me is called the "Omega Tunnel." It may actually connect to the 200 level from the outside. But the portal into it is collapsed big time. I've tried digging it out, and Robert even used 10 sticks of dynamite to try to open portal, but it's really collapsed. But it holds my imagination and I hope I can get into it one day...
the below is a reply to the above
I can’t wait to see the day you get in there! If you’ve ever heard of or been familiar with FPV systems, that may be a way to send an RC truck through a small hole to explore ahead for you. (Finding the right radio frequency to propagate through the mine also helps) I’m out in Los Angeles and when I make my way up to Cerro Gordo one day I’ll bring some FPV camera stuff for you to check out. Keep chipping away at that portal though! (Pun intended) Will do! Thank you. I'll look into those more too.
What makes an abandoned town "an important part of history"? Cerro Gordo is the reason Los Angeles is what Los Angeles is today. It shaped California. It was the largest producer of silver for the state and an important part of mining history. It's just been overlooked for a long time.
Do people often come over from the back way into town? From the racecourse or teakettle junction in Death Valley? A decent amount. If weather is good, and the weekend, maybe 4 people a day?
The issue is when people come up the main road in a vehicle that barely made it up and think they're going to take the back road to Death Valley, or even worse, that they're going to take the Salt Tram road. Have you every taken that road? It's not a joke.
After getting a YouTube recommendation, I binge watched all your videos on Sunday and thought to myself "this guy should do an AMA". Synchronicity! Were you able to connect with the man who left a comment saying he was a previous caretaker in the 80s? It would be fun to hear what stories he has to offer! Oh wow, I've never seen that comment until now! Thank you for calling that out.
Are you looking to start a business like the Old west town in New Zealand had/has Is that your end game? how you raised the capital? or just for shits and giggles? EDIT: I just followed links in the CNN story I linked, and they link to YOU!! haha haha. Awesome
Will you have buzzfeed unsolved stay overnight there? I’d like to see more footage of what’s been caught on tape They had me do a little video earlier this year. I'd love to invite them up if they'd come...
Wow thats in the middle of no where. Any incentives to get people to move there? I suppose the silver is all gone if the town was ghosted? Silver vein apparently is lost. I don't necessarily want people to move here. Just visit for the weekend or so. I think the middle of nowhere nature will attract people to unwind for a bit and experience the history and natural beauty here...
Ever plan on trying to pull more gold out of any of the mines? You said in another comment you're always exploring them. *silver! Maybe, who knows. They apparently lost the vein and there isn't enough left to make it financially viable. But you never know
Have you thought about mining silver? Just for fun? I'd like to refine small batches of the ore still here to make jewelry or something for the town...
Are there tailings piles around the mines? Have you found any interesting mineral specimens in the mines or otherwise? Yeah! Huge tailing piles. I just went through them Friday for a while looking for rocks. Found a bunch of galena (which is what they were mining here), smithsonite, turquoise, and some other stuff...
the below is a reply to the above
Awesome! Would love to see some over on rockhounds! Would you ever consider allowing access to the piles? I greatly appreciate the people who are generous to allow collecting on their property. (Though I can certainly understand why a lot of people do not, some folks just don't know how to behave) I live in NC and have not yet been west but I hope to some day soon! I let people come. There is a Gem & Mineral Society in Lone Pine and they did their 20th annual dig up here this past weekend. I have an appreciation for rocks that is growing now that I have the town...
Been loving the videos. Any sketchy things happen on the 200 level we didn’t see? My condolences to the american hotel. How big of a challenge will the delivery of rebuild materials be? The 200 was really weird. I filmed all that on my iPhone where usually I'd use my GoPro or Sony. Both of those were dead (I had just filmed a different video), so I used the iPhone. So whenever I saw something, I had to consciously think to take out phone and record. I didn't always do that because I was so in the moment taking everything in. There was a lot more dynamite in the area where I talk about dynamite. But just didn't think it was interesting to show 5 minutes of just dynamite.
Getting supplies up here is tough. That is the logistical challenge I'm thinking about right now. We need to get a loader and/or backhoe up here, but you can trailer it up. So we have to walk it up the mountain, which will take a whole day and who knows how much fuel...
the below is a reply to the above
How’s the water situation? Pump back running? Really great for the towns people to help get that going for ya. I’d freak out in the elevator. And in the mine in general knowing there’s 32 souls down there. Every noise would have me on edge. Can’t wait to visit. Pump was running, but it stopped yesterday again. So we're going to go back down this week to see why that is happening. Hopefully it's something easy to fix...
The cage definitely is freaky. Even after being down it a few times...
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2020.11.26 00:44 pijinglish The Finders: Additional Info

An earlier post today by u/marienbad titled The Finders of Lost Children discussed the long held conspiracy theories and mysteries surrounding a group of people known as The Finders. That post gives a much more detailed overview of the common points that are typically brought up whenever someone mentions The Finders.
TL;DR (but you really should R): In 1987, a van with a bunch of dirty kids being driven by two men in business suits was spotted in a park in Tallahassee, FL. The men were arrested and the children were taken into custody. When it turned out the men belonged to a strange group of people from Washington, DC who were called The Finders, it set off an investigation and media storm that claimed everything from devil worship to child sex trafficking.
I'm going to do my best to give some additional information, but it will likely be unsatisfactory to some as I'm not trying to doxx these people who were children when this happened to them. So take it as you will.
Some quick background info on The Finders that is often left out or overlooked when it's much easier to make broad claims about satanic child abuse: The group had been around since the late 1960's to early 1970's, though it's leader, Marion Pettie ("The Gamecaller"), had been holding salons of one sort or another in DC for decades before that. When the van story broke in 1987, The Finders' public spokesman was Robert Terrell, who was later interviewed for a Washington City Paper article:
"In 1971, Terrell had a pretty hefty chunk of the American dream: Married with children, the 35-year-old venture capitalist and CPA had a house in Chevy Chase; he was making nearly $200,000 a year. He owned a farm in West Virginia and half of an oil company, among other holdings. Less than a year later, Terrell had left his family and joined the Finders. “I was looking for a more meaningful life,” he recalls. “I had already made a pretty big pile of money and I couldn’t go on just making more, there wasn’t really much point in that. Pettie offered a more personalized life, more community-oriented, re-establishing the kind of extended family that the human species evolved under. — In the early days, the group resembled an extended family, but the real attraction for Terrell was self-realization. “Pettie used the term ‘pressure cooker,’” he says. “The idea was to explore your own person and discover your own true nature. You can’t do that just sitting at a desk or on a couch in a routine way. You have to have some experiences, so Pettie was good at structuring experiences from which you could learn. He called himself the ‘game caller,’ and what that meant was that he’d call a game for you to do something where you’d gain experience.” For Terrell, game playing ranged from working a temp accounting job in a downtown D.C. law firm to catching a flight to Japan on two hours’ notice to gather information on Japanese companies and report back to Pettie. It was a subculture built on whimsy and intrigue, undergirded by a sense of tribal affiliation. “Early on, we were focused on trying to build a community that was based on old-fashioned principles of loyalty,” he says. When my questions drift into the sexual dynamics of the Finders, Terrell gets angry: “If you want to write a scholarly piece about the group in the historical context of the Shakers and the Oneida communities, fine, but for a newspaper article, I don’t want to get into that—that’s sensationalism.”
Around 1973, Terrell purchased two properties on W Street in DC which became The Finders' group house. Regarding "sexual dynamics", women slept in one house and men slept in another. While couples did develop, there was a bit of a free love vibe, but women were in control of partnering. When a woman decided she wanted to sleep with someone she'd let them know and the man would join her for a night or however long things lasted. (From what I can tell about these relationships, the women were typically a few years older than the men, though that's a generalization.)
By and large, The Finders were well educated and generally well off. Many were involved with computers long before that was a common occurrence. For instance, Stuart Silverstone, who was found by police living at the W Street residence in 1987, was in 1968 a faculty member at MIT who taught "Computers in Architecture", "a course in computer applications in architecture and game teaching." Other members, like John Cox (who was briefly married to Finders matriarch Barbara Sylvester), founded companies like General Scientific, which handled classified defense contracts.
There were more than a few Finders who were involved in either government or military work at points in their lives. Whether this connects to anything necessarily nefarious or is simply the result of smart people living in the DC area during the Cold War is a longer discussion for a different time, but it should be noted. The Finders were somewhat obsessed with compiling information, either as part of their "games" or perhaps having something to do with Marion Pettie's own military and/or (alleged) CIA ties. When the Finders' warehouse was raided in 1987, police found all sorts of computer equipment and books that raised eyebrows. This was what the Finders referred to as their Information Bank.
In a 1994 article by Daniel Brandt titled Marion Pettie and his Washington DC "Finders": Kooks or Spooks?, Brandt writes:
In August 1984, two twenty-something young men wearing ties knocked on my door and gave their names: Steve Usdin and Jeff Ubois. A tiny newsletter had mentioned the database I was developing, and they were interested. They began pumping me on my activities and associates, and took notes. Their questions reflected a familiarity with obscure leftist personalities and publications that is found only among seasoned activists, and even more curiously, they expressed no politics of their own. Usdin and Ubois had to be "sent men."
But they wanted to be helpful. My own attempts to interest progressives in my project had been met with quizzical looks, because at the time most leftists were still using typewriters. These two fellows at least knew all about microcomputing. So I rewarded them with the first edition of what today is called NameBase. At the same time I mentioned that I needed the IBM BASIC compiler to get the program transferred from CP/M, and a few weeks later they came by with just what I needed, complete with a photocopied manual in a binder. I probably should have asked them for new computers and an office.
They said their group went by the name of "Information Bank," and they wanted to approach certain organizations in the Washington DC area and volunteer their technical skills. The following June I visited their warehouse headquarters and met Randolph A. Winn and Robert M. Meyer. I asked questions about who or what was behind it all, but their answers were evasive. From their perspective, I was a potential recruit.
In July 1985 I got a call from Kris Jacobs, a DC activist who did research on the right-wing. She said that Ubois was caught looking in her office files, and when she confronted him, he claimed to be from the National Journalism Center. Since NJC is a right-wing group that was then doing research on the left, his answer didn't pacify her. Ubois had been dropping my name to talk his way into certain places, so Ms. Jacobs wasn't happy with my excuses either. I alerted two other organizations who were getting assistance from the Information Bank. The next time Ubois came over in early 1986, I casually brought up the name "National Journalism Center" in a different context, and asked him if he had ever heard of it. "Nope." That's when I opened my own file on the Information Bank.
Louis Wolf helped me check crisscross directories and we visited the recorder of deeds. Several group names were listed under each address, and the two properties we knew about were both in the name of Robert G. Terrell, Jr. While returning from the recorder of deeds office, cross my heart, we spotted Usdin walking with an older man. He didn't see us so we followed them on foot for about two miles like Keystone Kops (they kept stopping at store windows), but eventually lost them. Sometime later Ubois dropped in on Wolf (they never call ahead) and whipped out a business card that read "Hong Kong Business Today." He wanted to know how to get a visa for Vietnam. It was clear by then that most group members were world-class travelers, which included travel to numerous Eastern Bloc countries. It was all a game to them. This was a small group -- perhaps 40 adults -- but they had no visible income to support their far-flung activities.
In February 1987, two young men from the group were arrested in Tallahassee, Florida because the van they were driving contained six children with dirty faces. The term "child abuse" was trumpeted in all of the media, all over the country, for several days. Customs, the FBI, and DC police raided three group properties and made off with their files and computers. The group (it was a "cult" to the media) was called the "Finders" (years earlier they had been known as the "Seekers"), and it was run by Marion David Pettie, then 67 years old. At least now I knew who the older man was and I had another name for the group. No charges were filed and the children were soon returned to their mothers in the group. After realizing that they had been feeding on a nonstory, the media suddenly dropped everything with no apologies. I called the Washington Post city desk at the height of the hysteria and explained that there was another angle, but when their reporter called back he was only being polite.
Three years later I obtained a three-page nongovernment memo of undetermined origin that summarizes Pettie's intelligence links. Most of it seems to check out. According to this memo, Pettie began his career with assorted OSS contacts, served as a chauffeur to General Ira Eaker, became a protege of Charles Marsh (an intimate of FDR and LBJ who ran his own private intelligence network), and was trained in counterintelligence in Baltimore and Frankfurt, Germany. His wife worked for the CIA, and Pettie himself was run by Col. Leonard N. Weigner (whose September 1990 Washington Post obituary confirms that his career was spent in air force intelligence and the CIA). Pettie's case officer was Major George Varga, who relayed Weigner's instructions until Varga died in the 1970s. The memo says that on Weigner's advice Pettie resigned from the military and surrounded himself with "kooks" so that he could infiltrate the "beat," human potential, and now the New Age movements.
Okay, so file this memo under "P" for "Paranoia." Except that in December 1993, first the Washington Times (which was picked up by AP), and then U.S. News and World Report, both carried essentially the same story. It seems that the Finders investigation was stopped cold shortly after it started in 1987, and now the Justice Department has formed a task force to figure out what's going on. Why was it stopped? This is from an internal "Memo to File" written by a Customs agent who participated in the raids, dated 13 April 1987:
CIA made one contact and admitted to owning the Finders organization ...but that it had "gone bad." ... [I was advised] the investigation into the activity of the Finders had become a CIA internal matter. The MPD [DC police] report has been classified Secret and was not available for review. I was advised that the FBI had withdrawn from the investigation several weeks prior and that the FBI Foreign Counterintelligence Division had directed MPD not to advise the FBI Washington Field Office of anything that had transpired. No further information will be available. No further action will be taken.
If Pettie and The Finders were some front for the CIA, it remains unclear to me what the actual purpose was. Were the members who played Pettie's games somehow witting or unwitting spies?
"Games" played a central role inside the Finders, and it was often difficult to know when the members were playing out some fantasy and when they were not, ex-associates said. The Finders' tendency to abandon jobs and homes at a moment's notice could complicate law enforcement efforts to find the group's members, who were gone from their Washington bases when police arrived Thursday, sources said. Sometimes they approached businesses -- from a major Washington law firm to a leftist think tank -- and offered their expertise in computer programming and other services, sources said. Other times the group went through the motions of setting up a business, sometimes printing up phony business cards. Some members used up to 20 aliases, ex-associates said.
Terrell called Finders' leader Marion Pettie "my entertainer. He provides me with a model of somebody who is never satisfied with the status quo and he inspires me upward and he keeps me laughing as I go.” Pettie, an Air Force master sergeant who retired in 1956 and bought extensive woodland property in rural Madison County, Va., started the Finders in the late 1960s as a communal experiment characteristic of the period. He sought intelligent, well-educated people who could discuss the latest thought in philosophy, psychology and human development. The Finders eschewed counterculture music and drugs, former associates said. While they maintained an open-door policy at their Washington house and Virginia farms, many of the drifters and hippies who came for free food quickly left because of the emphasis on serious conversation and work.
"It used to be an organization of dropout professionals who didn't know what to do with their lives," said one former associate. "But it took a bad turn.” In the early 1980s, Pettie's close friend and second-in-command, known by the group as Barbara Sylvester, who was in her forties, died at the Finders' W Street house after she did not receive medical help for appendicitis. The death apparently placed Pettie into a gloomy mood and led to a shift in the group's tone. The Finders became increasingly secretive, hostile and arrogant toward nonmembers, former associates said. Members engaged in long self-criticism sessions, exposing painful emotional inadequacies to the group. Members stopped seeing relatives and friends who were not in the group; former associates found themselves shunned or treated brusquely. It was amid this blend of surliness and somber planning for the future that the community began to raise its new generation, children who were shared by numerous parents yet nurtured by no one in particular, ex-associates said."
...Former members of the Finders said that the six children found in Tallahassee are sons and daughters of group members, the result of a deliberate binge of child-bearing among group women in the past few years, after about 10 years of freewheeling relationships in which they deliberately avoided having children, former associates said. A number of the older members of the Finders, people in their forties or fifties, had careers or families before but left them behind to take part in the group. Looking back, most of them regarded their old lives as uninteresting and their children and former spouses as too conventional, according to former group associates and relatives of current members. Pettie and his followers agreed about 1980 that they should start a new generation of children and raise them in an experimental way, the sources said. The biological parents would not raise them; the group would. But in reality the children were largely ignored by the members, with responsibility for their care considered drudgery, former members said. "It was an undesirable job in the group," said a person who quit several years ago. "They were trying to keep the kids out of their hair . . . . The theory was the children should have a lot of abundance . . . . But they were terrible at putting it into practice.” In a telephone interview last night, a man who identified himself as Robert Gardner Terrell, 50, the owner of two Washington buildings used by the Finders, said the group included 20 adults and six children, and tried to provide children with "the richest life they could have."
"Children always come first in our organization," he said. "We're trying to create a model that could be followed by other persons who want to raise free children . . . . “ The commune children were so dirty and full of sores on their bodies that they were not allowed to play with other children on the playground at Stoddert School near the W Street residence, former associates said. Group members had taken the children there to encourage them to play with nongroup youngsters, but the two groups did not mix because the Finders' children could hardly communicate with the others, one ex-associate said. All the commune's former participants who were interviewed agreed that they knew nothing about child abuse in the organization, though members may sometimes have ignored the children or even mistreated them.
According to Terrell, The Finders created a sort of Garden of Eden for the children on land they owned in rural Virginia. By making walls of brush and branches, they built a play pen several acres long and wide, with fields, forest, and streams for the nude children to do whatever they wanted in, left to their own devices. Finders watched the children from afar with binoculars, but otherwise didn't interfere. When the children were indoors, adults walked around on their knees so as to not intimidate the kids. And Pettie insisted that the adults speak to the children nonsensically, so the kids could figure things out for themselves. Additionally, Pettie and the adults created "games" for the kids to play which were often life parables in which prizes like apples were given to the winners. We're told the goal, misguided though the methods may have been, was to rear creative and independent children unlike those raised on cartoons and frozen dinners.
It was the group who raised the children, not individual parents, and Pettie wanted the kids weaned off of their mothers. In December of 1986, the women of the group left for a game that Pettie called in California. With the mothers' consent, the six children left for warmer weather with three men in the group, Michael Holwell, Douglas Ammerman, Stan Berns (an architect), and Kenny Rogers (a landscape designer). Holwell was the father of one of the children, though due to The Finders' views on fatherhood, his specific role as "father" may have been unclear. According to Terrell, the men and children drove from Washington, DC to Berea, KY where they hoped to help in the construction of a religious community called New Hope, run by Rev. Jim Wyker. [A photo of the undeveloped property can be seen here.] The Orlando Sentinel reported:

While asserting in a telephone interview Saturday night that he had no connection with the Finders, Wyker described them favorably and confirmed that group members had been in Berea last month. The children, he added, "were healthy, very well fed, and loved like they were in a family.” The memo named a man and woman from Spring Grove, Pa., who it said helped with child care on the trip to Berea. The woman, who identified herself as True Marks, said after being reached at a telephone number supplied by Terrell that members of the group "took very good care" of the children and "never hit them or abused them in any way.” According to Terrell's memo, "it was thought" that the children would be enrolled in a Montessori school in Berea for the duration of the project. He said the children's mothers "are now in San Francisco working in business offices, earning money to help pay for 'New Hope.’ "After finding that preparations for Kentucky groundbreaking were incomplete, Terrell said, the men took the children to Florida on a vacation and camping trip "with the full applause and approval of the children's mothers.”
While in Florida, the dirty children were observed with Ammerman and Holwell, and from there the story took off. On February 4, 1987, the men were arrested and the children put in protective custody. The Finders were already an odd lot by mainstream standards, but adding fuel to the fire were a collection of photographs found in their DC warehouse showing a goat being slaughtered in front of the naked children. Terrell explains this was simply to educate the kids about where their food came from. Given the complete lack of other "satanic" evidence, I'm inclined to believe him.
All of the children were eventually returned to their parents and the charges dropped. According to Finders at the time, this incident was the breaking point of an already struggling experiment and The Finders were no more. The properties in DC were sold, Marion Pettie moved to his farm in Virginia, and The Finders scattered to the winds. In 1991, Terrell said, “The vision of the group shifted, and the nature of the group shifted from an idealistic utopian community to more of a military-like organization where following orders became more important than the vision.”
But rumors of a devil worshiping cult of child sex traffickers dominate stories about The Finders to this day. What ever became of The Finders, and the mysterious children in the van?
During reporting at the time, the children were identified as Mary, 7; her brother John Paul, 2; Max, 6; Benjamin Franklin, 4; Honeybee, 3; and Bebe, 2. (According to Terrell, the children were allowed to name themselves.)
Mary and John Paul's parents were Paula and James Michael Holwell (who was one of the two men arrested while driving the van). Paula and James were married in 1982 and listed their address as 3918-20 W Street, Washington DC, which is widely known as The Finder's group house.
Max's mother was Patricia. (I believe I know who the father is, but that remains unconfirmed.)
Benjamin Franklin's parents were Kristin and Steve Usdin.
Honeybee's mother was Judith. (I believe I know who the father is, but that remains unconfirmed.)
Bebe's parents were Carolyn and Jeff Ubois.
While The Finders officially disbanded among a string of lawsuits to redistribute the income they'd shared for decades, upon closer examination many of them more likely just escaped the influence of Marion Pettie. Records show that several of The Finders continued to live together in group houses or small communities from Florida to California well into the early 2000's. (Terrell ran a vegan bakery in central Florida for a number of years.) While they can't show the whole story, yearbooks and newspaper articles show the children attending schools and colleges, and the ones I've tracked down seem to be doing well by outward appearances — at the very least they haven't disappeared into satanic dungeon somewhere.
Mary can be seen at age 10 talking about saving sea turtles. At age 12, she writes about Earth Day. In high school, she performed Shakespearean monologues. And today, she works for a division of NASA.
Max grew up with his mother in California in a Finders group home. His father, I think, stayed in Virginia with Marion Pettie. Today, Max runs a landscaping design business.
Bebe appears to have grown up in the same house as Max. He has since changed his name and is CEO an internet company.
There's no indication the children were trafficked or were ever intended to be. However strange or unorthodox their childhoods were, the children are alive to this day and seem to be doing quite well.
Plenty of mysteries about The Finders remain, but I think we can put the satanic sex cult rumors to rest.
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2020.11.25 20:47 GreatKangaroo Disappointing Customer Support Experiece

Earlier this month I upgraded my internet package from the 75 Unlimited to 150 unlimited. Today I received my bill and was a confused as I was invoiced for an amount higher than the standard Cable 150 rate. There was my normal monthly charge, and two-pro-rated charges.
I called in and asked to speak with billing. While trying to explain my concerns and why I did not not understand how my bill was calculated, I told repeatedly I was wrong, quite rudely, and that I was not being overcharged. I almost hung up as I felt I this was wholly inappropriate, and was quite confused as to why this was how she chose to respond to my concerns in this way.
What the CSR failed to explain to me until well into the call was that the pro-rated billing was to adjust last months invoice, and not the current months invoice. which had yet to be paid As the date on my invoice was December 4th, I thought that the charges were for November, and not December. I must have forgotten that all services thru Teksavvy are essentially prepaid.
No where did the CSR in Billing clarify this to me until after I was told multiple times I was wrong in my concerns. The invoice did it no way identify that the pro-rated adjustments was for a previous months invoice. Both of these would have gone a long way to avoid confusion. Lastly when doing any plan changes during a month that has essentially been pre-paid already, a heads up that a invoice adjustment would be forthcoming would have alleviated these concerns on my part.
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