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POLY Hagwon BUSAN Centum City & Daeyeon (formally Namcheon) Please read for anyone wishing to work there.

2020.11.27 01:42 5tealthfoxed POLY Hagwon BUSAN Centum City & Daeyeon (formally Namcheon) Please read for anyone wishing to work there.

Poly in Haeundae, Busan is definitely a Hagwon I would avoid. For a start the hours are over bearing and the workload relentless. On paper 9-6.05 (Mon, Wed, Fri) and 9-6.40 (Tues, Thurs) seems manageable, however teaching 9-10 40min lessons a day in reality is exhausting and mentally draining. What extra money you may be offered compared to other establishments is not worth the hours. It is only reasonable to highlight it is not all doom and gloom. Poly creates all the material and I do not have to worry about lesson plans. The month is highly structed and follows a tried and tested methodology. It is geared towards letting anyone with no prior teaching experience stand in front of a class and get going with little to no training (which is more or less what happens). In fact any previous teaching experience is detrimental, you're here to do a job their way and no other way. The material is relevant (ish), it leans heavily on US culture. Im not sure the necessity to teach a 7yr old Korean about the US Constitution or British Imperialists. This is absolutely not a school, (the word "school" has actually been taped over in several places) it is a business, a business run as an autocracy. Your opinion is not valued, you are merely a business asset. I think this is why prior teaching experience is detrimental. The accommodation I received was perfectly acceptable, it was a studio flat approx 15 sq m but did the job. There was no view, mind you buildings are built very close to one another but it was very close to Haeundae beach. I should also add I was paid on time and accurately. I only mention this as I have read reviews about Hagwons not paying staff. In all fairness though it seems ridiculous to have to stipulate I was paid.
Things really started to go down hill as the coronavirus gained a foothold in the country. All in all we were off for 5 weeks, our salary was paid at 70%. Many staff appeared grateful for being paid anything despite the fact as an organisation employing over 5 foreign staff it was the law to pay at least 70%. We were also made to sign an "addendum" to our contract which stated we would sacrifice all our holidays, Red Days and be expected to work several Saturdays in order to make up the lost month of March with no additional compensation which begs the question why couldn't we be paid 100%. We were told if we didn't sign the amendment we would be fired, which is illegal. The addendum was drafted on a blank piece of paper, not letter headed paper, yet we were told it was from "corporate". When we queried why we needed to sign it the director told us to "be cool" and that she didn't trust us not to run away. It is worth mentioning that there were no flights out of Korea to our respective countries at this time so we effectively had no choice, losing our jobs would annul our visas. It was this pernicious behaviour and flagrant law breaking that truely brought out the director's true colours. She is manipulative, vindictive and racist. Knowing full well our predicament she exploited this to her own gain. It was a testing time for everyone but we were made to feel as if our situation was irrelevant. Ultimately we signed because we had no choice. The next day she reneged on the amendment with no explanation, rumours spread that the labour office had been informed of her actions.
The people I worked with were fine, there certainly was a clique but there usually is with any workplace. Unfortunately due to the lack of training the unprofessionalism was staggering. From what I gathered most of the "teachers" had worked in coffee shops or fast food restaurants. As such there was way too much touching of the kids, carrying them around or hugging them, letting them sit on your lap etc. Also FTs would post photos of the kids on social media which is a sackable offence in any actual school. Worst was that no one acknowledged this was not ok. Most FTs admitted to wanting to teach in Japan and couldn't get in so Korea really gets the dregs of the B-Team. There is a constant conversation of "breaking" the kids in as if they're wild animals recently lassoed from the nearby mountians or simply being meaner to them.
The KTs were great to work with and really supportive, as long as you made an effort wirh them. It was a revolving door though, they would have about a 6 week shelf life before they left. (I would love to locate a Korean equivalent of Glassdoor to see the other side of the story, tragically it'll probably be most of the same).
The hardest aspect of this Hagwon was the director. Possibly the meanest and most unprofessional person I have ever worked for. She would snap at you or simply ignore you and walk away. She stalks the halls like a grim reaper berating the children for the slightest indiscretion. Everyone seems to fear her. She also stitches you up at every opportunity. Your salary may be 2.5 but only 2 is a "base" salary, the rest are add ons. She withholds finders fees for recruiting other FTs for spurious reasons. In one instance due to Covid and a teacher needing to be hosted in a hotel for 2 days prior to starting, she decided she wouldn't pay for their training to offset her loses, effectively slavery. On FT had the temerity to ask for a screwdriver to mend his laptop abd she went out of her way to text them later in the week stating it was unprofessional. Several other staff also conceded to not being paid for training. If you are working at the Daeyeon campus you will actually live in Namcheon and have to take a shuttle bus with the kids in the morning and evening adding an extra 40 minutes to your day. You'll also have to sit at the back of the bus, in some apartheid-esque segregation.
Everyone is on a different contracts and everything is negotiable. Contracts themselves are not worth the paper they are written on as she will make promises verbally or simply flout the conditions therein, changing conditions almost whimsically and with little to regard to legality. She is also the only person I've ever met that will offer you less money for resigning your contract. Bare in mind parents are paying approx $2,000 per month at an absolute bare minimum of initial costs per child, she is creaming it in. The KTs also complain about the directors' frugality. For 6 months they have tried to get a new dustpan and brush, but to no avail.
The kids are good to work with but the system is punishing beyond belief. There may be other places worse than this to work, however there are plenty that are better. Do yourself a favour and keep searching. This director has two campuses, one in Centum City (Haeundae) and the other in Daeyeon.
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2020.11.26 17:25 Qaxwsxedcrfv98162 The True Cost of College

I am going to have to pay full price to whichever college I attend, as I am not really smart enough for scholarships and because my parents have worked so hard and are quite wealthy (which I'm super grateful for ofc) so I can't get aid. But I can't fathom the true cost that college is going to be, and it got me wondering what you could do with that absurd amount of money. I'm going to be using the cost of my ED school if you were paying full price (this is straight from the college's financial aid website) - I'll use the total direct and indirect charges (not including flights or anything else you need).
What you can get instead of one year of tuition ($80,448): - 6707 SAT score sends ($12 price) - 11,492 Medium Big Mac meals from McDonald's (using my local price $7) - 201 Digital Edition PlayStation 5's (price $399) - 26 decent quality horses (average price $3000) - 8943 Apple Cable Dongles ($9)
What you can get instead of four years of tuition/a whole college education ($321,792) - assuming tuition stays constant: - 2075 of Kath Path's "2 Rounds of Editing 500-699 Words" essay service ($155 price) - One 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista ($331,000) - A rap song with features from Gunna, Lil Baby, and Offset (100k for each of them) and studio/recording costs - 161,672 20z bottles of Coke ($1.99)
This is a bit random but I thought it was pretty insane so I wanted to share it🤪🥰
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2020.11.26 09:36 JamieMadrox2020 40yo in VHCOL w/ 68K debt and drowning in cc interest: Bankruptcy worth it?

/Debt breakdown and questions for advice at the end of this post
40yo single rent $1700 Annual Gross Income $120K: monthly take home (net) after taxes, retirement ($600, company matched 100%), health insurance ($130) = $5,500 Emergency Fund = $5,000 FICO credit score: 702 No kids, no assets
Alternate account as I’m being candid with my finances.
:: Background ::
Due to a combination of naivety when I was ~25-35 (putting dental work on a credit card instead of a payment plan), bad decisions (using credit cards for security deposits, rolling upside down car loans into new car loans), taking a cash advance on one of my cards, and yes—a bit of living above my means, I’ve racked up a shocking amount of debt. I managed to do that on a lower salary, I only got a raise of ~20k this year so I was in 75-90k salary range for most of last decade, but also I somehow was spending more that I do now (see below).
I was only paying the minimum up until about two years ago and that’s the point when something clicked in me that this wasn’t sustainable—I came to that realization at the cost of owning a new car while living in a suburban “luxury” apartment and paying basically $1,000 on that, and ubering into the city for social activities.
Some immediate changes I made in January 2019:
Pretty much I’m living a bit like a typical mid-20s fresh out of school in a large city because I had to decrease my living footprint/monthly expenses partly forced by the spiraling debt (it sneaks up on careless folks like I was!)
All the above measures combined with the aforementioned salary bump means for the first time since my late 20s, 2020 has been a year where finally I’m not using new credit at all—I’m finally doing everything in cash. So that’s the only good news I have in this entire post, that the debt has stopped increasing. That and the salary bump I got this year (from 90K to 120K). But am I fooling myself? Although it’s finally hit a ceiling, it doesn’t seem to be going down either, I feel I’m treading water. Do I need to go with a nuclear option? Or do things get better after consistent work?
:: Debt Breakdown ::
Min Payment* - APR - Balance - Type 1. 294 - 8.9% - 13,700/14,800 - Credit union ccard 2. 248 - 21.49% - 11,800/12,500 - Discover IT 3. 289 - 20.99% - 10,000/11,600 - Amex Blue** 4. 200 - 15.24% - 8,000/8,800 - Chase Sapphire 5. 190 - 12.90% - 9,000/9,800 - citi double cash 6. 0 - 17.8% - 0/7,500 - CapOne ccard**
** I just managed to payoff a card, took me 2 years from Fall 2018 until now. This was helped by putting two extra paychecks towards it (2 months in the year have 3 paychecks!). So moving forward I just decided to start paying an additional $300 a month on the Amex with the new cashflow from paying-off that card, in an attempt to at least pay more than the minimum somewhere. So my fixed credit card monthly payments are ~$1500, including that extra $300.
I have an additional student loan at 15k balance on 6.9% interest, and I’m currently paying a fixed amount of $261 per month, this is also automated.
:: Questions ::
  1. Psychology: $750 per month is credit card interest alone. So even after paying off a $7500 credit card, it doesn’t seem like this mountain budged. It’s a bit demoralizing to work to chop away a chunk of debt, finally achieve a zero balance and it still seems to be exactly the same situation, because then you almost wonder what was the point of chipping away? How have those of you in this situation coped?
  2. Should I be carrying an emergency fund?
  3. Am I making a mistake contributing to retirement savings with this amount of debt? Been contributing for 11 years.
  4. Is “investing” in general even anything that I need to pay attention to? I have no investments.
  5. Will it ever be viable to own a house in a HCOL in my situation? I’m in a top 5 US expensive city. Lots of friends in my social circle make comments about “throwing away money on rent”. Most of them have bought decent houses over the past couple years.
Also admittedly a bit self-conscious of living in a studio at my age—for example although hardly the end of the world, my dating life is probably DoA because of my debt and living situation. However, I’m terrified of increasing my monthly expenditure (also reason why I’m holding off on getting a car). I like the new recent feeling of having even a tiny bit of cashflow. The other day I was able to give $50 to a gofundme to a dire situation, and to have some cash to do so was surprisingly gratifying.
  1. Is chapter 7 bankruptcy worth it? That’s the nuclear option—would kill my credit for 10 years (I’d be 50) but would increase my cashflow by wiping out the entire 68K debt.
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2020.11.23 20:06 InQuestLabs d7897e83397b516dd80147df24cce46197388b84bbb8365b2adfe85d743df540

This post is a quick look at the following document which popped up on our RADAR today as "interesting":
Purports to be an invoice as depicted here but in actuality leads down a chain of pivots that results in the installation of a malicious Windows service pretending to be a McAfee AV Update task. The execution chain is as follows: Document to Remote Template to HTA to DLL.
Embedded Image
Unzipping the OOXML file and examining the relative links (defanged), we see a remote inclusion of a template on a CloudFront domain. This is already quite suspect:
$ cat word/_rels/settings.xml.rels   
The template referenced above is available on InQuest Labs:
Use the following link to highlight interesting lines from the macro, within the template, also depicted below. Note that there's a number of pre-written filters available in the dropdown here.
Filtered Macro Lines
Note that the macro is seemingly going to install a new service, pretending to be a McAfee update service. That service appears to be defined by whatever is behind the following pivoting to another resource behind that same CloudFront domain:
The retrieved file is an HTA application that in-turn contains two base64-encoded embedded payloads. First, let's look at the top of the HTA file which moves the window off-screen to hide from the user:
    Test HTA